Mercury Retrograde Prep – May 8, 2015

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We move along in the earthy practical sign of Taurus, which prefers calm, grounded energy, which is good for stabilizing after all the chaotic changes of the last few months.

Venus moved into Cancer yesterday (sign of the caretaker, nurturer, and mother) for the next month. Know that the most powerful gift you have to offer is always your love and presence. Share it freely and generously and it can only make the world (and you) better. 

Mercury (communication) squares Neptune (dreams, illusion) on Saturday, so beware of confusion when transmitting important information. I love using email at times like this because no one can say, “I didn’t say that.” You have documentation. 

Remember this useful tip (emailing) now and during Mercury Retrograde to cut down on miscommunications or the transmission of misinformation (and reread your emails before you send them to be sure they’re accurate!).

Monday the Sun squares the Moon (feelings) and then the Moon squares Mars as it moves into Gemini. Watch out for touchy or edgy feelings (yours and theirs) and words used as weapons. Be gentle and when in doubt hold your tongue, and be mindful to avoid reactivity as well as triggering others. Tread lightly.

Mid-week appears to be fairly mellow, but we will be approaching two challenging aspects, so there is an undercurrent of tension building as we go. 

Next Friday, Mars will square Saturn (action vs. authority), which can manifest as you trying to do something and feeling blocked by someone or something. The antidote? Take methodical actions and easy does it – one bite at a time.

Right after that Mercury Retrograde will happen on Monday, May 18th. Get all your new business started now (or asap). Take some action to begin, and then you can continue during the Retrograde. Also, back up all your info! Don’t have a tech crash and cry because you lost precious data – take care of yourself now.

As the week progresses, Mercury will be slowing down, so things may not move quickly or always clearly, so practice patience and give yourself lots of space to get things done. And remember about the email communications tip to be able to check information for the sake of clarity.

We will also have all day Moon Void of Course periods this week, which just adds to the obstacle course of when to take action and when not to! Know what’s happening and take responsibility for what you’re creating. 

This is a week to prepare for all that you’ll be going back over when Mercury goes Retrograde from May 18 – June 11.

Take good care, my friends! 

Namaste. ♥︎

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