Mercury Retrograde Power – Nov 2019

Mercury turned Retrograde yesterday through Nov 20. Mercury is in the sign of Scorpio, which rules everything that’s hidden – as well as power dynamics. Mercury rules talking, thinking, writing, communication and the mind, so expect info to be revealed/discovered with the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Should be interesting…

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio invites you to investigate your inner (private) world, shadowy issues and get real about what’s working/what’s not working. Your shadow is hidden parts of yourself you may not want to see or take responsibility for.

What are you resisting or avoiding that’s creating misalignment in your life? If you’re willing to get support and do the work, this is a profound time for healing, care, integration – and transformation. One day at a time…

Mercury Retrograde invites you to do the “Re” words: review, revise, redo, reconsider, recreate, etc. Tweak projects that are already begun, rather than launching something new or making a major purchase if you don’t have to.

Why? Because often, info is missing or unclear, leading to a decision that you wouldn’t make had you known. Or things fall through or get drawn out and become unnecessarily tedious. If you need to move forward in some new way, pay close attention to the details and leave space whenever possible for corrections (if needed).

Venus leaves intense Scorpio today and moves into frisky Sagittarius until Nov 25, ready for fun, socializing, freedom and adventure. Sag is optimistic – and Venus rules love, $$, beauty, creativity and values. Together they create an upbeat, expansive approach to life and possibilities. Embrace the Venus in Sag vibe, explore and enjoy!

On Nov 5, Mars squares Pluto, which is control issues and power struggles (war). This is a combustible aspect in which neither side will surrender willingly, so don’t engage in conflict. If someone comes at you, take your sail out of their wind. Definitely easy does it today…

With Mars-Pluto, put your energy towards creating something that requires focus, effort and will. This can also be the energy of a breakthrough if you care (or dare) to explore a block, issue or problem. The higher aspect of Mars-Pluto is the super-power to make things happen. Defying gravity. Wow!

Now to explain the image and caption above. Allow the planets to inform you of the cosmic weather so you are aware of what’s available for you – but know that YOU have the power. YOU are the captain of your ship!

You are not helpless, even in hard times. Your attitude, your actions and your intentions play a major part in the experience you have. Do you get the lesson or the message – or just complain, get depressed, give up or go negative when times are hard?

You are creating your karma, moment by moment. Not to finger-wag, it’s just that you will feel more empowered when you take responsibility for what’s happening in your space. And being curious rather than defeated when you don’t know what to do.

If you need education, guidance or support, find it. There is so much help available! And on this Mercury Retrograde, choose your thoughts wisely and make any needed course corrections. Scorpio is the psychologist, doctor, healer and detective. Deep focused energy. USE it!

And reminder: this is the final month of happy, lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius, so feel into where and how you can expand your universe via travel, education, learning and growth. Make the most of your opportunities!

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