Mercury Retrograde – Mercury Rx Special!

Now that we are officially in Mercury Retrograde it’s important that you understand how Mercury Rx (Retrograde) can be useful to you.

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Operating with spiritual consciousness means moving in harmony with the energies of the Universe, masculine and feminine, or knowing when to act to move forward and when to rest, go within, or regroup. It makes living so much easier when you’re in flow with the rhythm of life. I wish that for us all!

You are (or will be) facing experiences that began around Easter Sunday (April 4th) and you’ll have the opportunity to make new choices to enhance your comfort and aid in your progress if adjustment is required. Think about what was going on then.

Please take your time, as we are in Mercury Retrograde and with each passing moment new information can appear that will change the picture and therefore, your mind. Slow is good, especially when you’re feeling anxiety around seeking resolution — practice self-care by creating space rather than making hasty decisions.

We are approaching the next exact Saturn (responsibility/traditional) Uranus (rebellion, no rules) opposition and that creates an atmosphere of generalized anxiety for some and a feeling of being torn between two polarities for others. Decisions may need to be made, but again, decisions made in haste WILL NOT serve you. Allow events to unfold and information to flow in and in the meantime, take really, really good care of yourself. FYI, the highest expression of the Saturn/Uranus opposition is to make methodical changes in structured ways.

By Monday night the Sun, Mercury (communication), and Venus (love, $$, creativity) will all be in Taurus, making our orientation a little slower, more practical and body-centered. Connect to your physical body and treat it with loving care and know that in this energy, financial security is paramount so don’t do any impulse-buying or go on a shopping spree. This is not the time for that!

Saturn is Retrograde and has moved back into Virgo where it will stay until late July, giving you the opportunity to re-evaluate the structures you created and decisions you made in Oct ’09. Now you can capitalize on your moves or make new plans to redirect your focus in ways that are more in line with your evolving Self and the life you envision.


Choose the Optimal Timing for Taking Actions!
Don’t be careless when it comes to taking actions in your life when it’s so easy to make CONSCIOUS choices! I can’t imagine missing this vital guidance when you are seeking a successful outcome for any important action in your life.

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Do your due diligence – not only during Mercury Retrograde, but always. You cannot be in your power if you are careless (this speaks to responsibility – and what a simple, inexpensive way to receive support!).


Solar Return Special
I had such a great response and experience with the Solar Return Special I offered during Mars Retrograde, I have decided to offer it again.

Your Solar Return occurs each year when the Sun returns to the exact degree, minute and second where it was when you were born. The feelings you experience during your Solar Return sets the tone for your experience of the coming year.

In your Solar Return reading you will learn:
* The date and exact time of your Solar Return in ’10 (or ’11)
* Where you start your year from, focal point(s) for the year
* What your needs are this year and how can they be met
* Where the energy will be most obvious in your life and much more…

You will have clear direction regarding the course of your life from one birthday to the next – and how you can maximize your energy moving forward. Give yourself this gift!

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This reading can occur any time in 2010, but you must purchase your reading before May 11th, when Mercury goes Direct!


Take good care of yourself and use the Retrogrades to your advantage – review, revise and reassess.

You are important, so please treat yourself with loving care. Grace and forgiveness are lavish, unconditional and unlimited!

“When you have the feeling of struggle and opposition regarding getting what you want, and you feel like the world is against you – the world is not against you, it’s just mirroring back to you where you are against yourself.” ~ Robert Holden

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