Mercury Retrograde / Jupiter in Aries

a couple of years ago

We are between a Solar Eclipse on April 30 and a Lunar Eclipse on May 16, so we are fully immersed in dramatic events and we’re coming off of a Sun-Uranus conjunction that activated a profound blindside (the Supreme Court draft leak). Right on schedule. 

May 6 – 7 are stellar days for getting things done, as Mercury sextiles Venus, facilitating harmonious interactions, supporting creative pursuits and is brilliant for partnerships. The Sun sextiles Mars, with extra drive or to put real effort into anything you focus on. Think: happy and upbeat :))

Mother’s Day on May 8 falls on a Cancer Moon, perfect to nurture those you love and to honor the mothers in your life. If you’re the mother, allow your loved ones to honor YOU by being the Receiver for a change, please! You deserve the care. 💕

All week, Mercury has slowed, almost to a standstill, to turn Retrograde on May 10-June 3. Normally there’s a process of reconsidering what you have already begun during the Retrograde period, to make course corrections so you can move forward from a place of greater clarity when Mercury turns Direct. 

However, on this Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter (expansion) leaves gentle, flowy Pisces and moves into fiery Aries on May 10 – on the same day! So while Mercury is standing still, preparing to go backwards, Jupiter is like a racehorse at the gate in Aries, hot to trot and ready to take off! Feel into that… it’s an energetic experience that you’ll feel within you (Jupiter in Aries) and around you (Mercury Retro). 

Jupiter is big picture, inspired and impulsive, positive of its “Yes!” – and in Aries, ready to take action NOW. Let’s go! It’s your job to handle impatience or beliefs about where you “should” be, fears about being behind/late or any excess physical energy you need to work off to keep your nervous system in balance. Talk a walk, a swim, run with your dog, whatever works for you…

Mental/emotional frustration can arise from facing delays or seeming obstacles. ‘Tis the Retrograde season… and there’s a good reason for the slowdown, as it’s time to review your plans and purpose before going forward. The reasons for the delays will be revealed later. Trust the process for now. 

Jupiter in Aries is ruled by Mars in Pisces (technical astro info). This means that even though Jupiter is in Aries and you really want to move forward, there’s also a veil of Pisces energy still in the mix, slowing things down, dampening the fire, creating a haze where you seek clarity so you’re not 100% sure yet. Mars is a few steps behind Neptune (Ruler of Pisces), so this energy is strong, even with Jupiter and Venus in Aries, wanting what they want. They can’t really get it yet… not by pushing. 

Use the enthusiasm of Jupiter in Aries to determine and focus on what inspires you – and then do your Mercury Retrograde “homework” by clearing clutter, organizing, reviewing plans and revising anything that is not working for you, and getting clear about what you need to move forward. 

In the meantime, we will have a Lunar Eclipse on May 15/16, which will shake things up again for the collective. But remember, you have your own path, regardless of what’s happening out there. Your personal path and purpose are ongoing, your development is evolving all the time, even when you feel like nothing is happening. Roots are growing underground. 

Do not worry, it’s unproductive and debilitating. Channel that energy into something creative, whether it’s a work project, being of service (large or small), releasing unwanted things and donating, making art, planting a garden, talking to a neighbor. There’s always something constructive to do. Always. 

Some are here for a public life. Some are here for a more intimate community life. Some are here for a very private life. Make the most of what feels right for you – and get support if/when you need it. It is so uplifting when you connect with the right person who sees you – and can validate your experience and/or guide your forward. You deserve all the goodness and support you can allow yourself to receive. 

“You are the essence of Pure Goodness. Your Goodness has nothing to do with your actions or the actions of anyone else.” ~ The Goodness Process

Enjoy the twists and turns. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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