Mercury Retrograde – Jan 23, 2015

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Sometimes life feels like, “What the what???!” But there’s always a way through, when you have a clear intention and act deliberately. Operating this way, with flexibility, will serve you well.

We enter the week with a lingering Uranus-South Node aspect, which can create impulsive, rebellious or unexpected actions and reactions (from you or others) – and it’s squaring Pluto, activating pressure, control issues or upheaval, if you’ve been avoiding or denying something that needs to handled. 

So either let go or face the music – but take responsibility for anything that feels problematic in your life. There’s likely something that you’ve been resisting and an action you need to take that will relieve the pressure. Have the courage to do it now, as course corrections are on the menu du jour for a few weeks :))

Mercury is Retrograde until Wed, Feb 11th, and this dominates the current energy and, as you know, it can wreak havoc with plans, schedules, technology and travel. Slow down, double-check details and easy does it for the next three weeks…

One of my favorite pieces of guidance for this time is to take twice as much time to do half as many things. What a concept in our fast-paced world! And be deliberate about what you do. Don’t just wander from activity to activity – decide in advance what you will do and prioritize what is most necessary, important and will be most helpful for you.

You can align with the Retrograde energy by using this time to get organized, clear clutter, and clean up loose ends – at home and at work. It’s a relief to take your attention off of the future and focus on the now. 

Mercury is going back over territory that began for you on Jan 6th. What were you dealing with or beginning just after the New Year? This is your opportunity to tweak or revise plans, projects already begun or anything that’s in process. 

This is also prime time for making amends, so free up attention and separation by reaching out to anyone who you feel disconnected from. Something happened to create that – and you can own your part in order to reconnect heart to heart. 

I so recommend this – it is a major healing. Even if you justify what happened between you by being right, you lose when you disconnect from a friend, colleague or loved one.

When you align your energy with Mercury Retrograde, it can be a beautiful time to slow down and reconsider where you are now and listen to the stirrings of your heart and Spirit.

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Wishing you love and blessings always, my friends.

We are having regular all day Moon Void of Course  periods during this month (a few times a week), which affects business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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