Mercury Retrograde in the Wormhole – May/June 2021

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May has created a beautiful opening and as we enter into June, it will be more challenging, as the landscape changes. Think: shakeup, reconstruction, reorganizing and into a new reality (the Eclipse wormhole). Allow extra time and space to move and course correct as necessary. 

Your mental/emotional well being is your job, so care for your nervous system with rest, nature, baths, bodywork – less chatter, more silence or music. Whatever feeds your spirit is important for you now. Give your mind a break whenever possible – and adjust your expectations for the coming month. Less is more…

As Mercury stops to turn Retrograde on May 29, it conjoins sweet Venus, seeking connection, creativity as it harmonizes communications. This softens the atmosphere and colors your outlook, inspiring you to share love, appreciate beauty, create compromise or make amends. The invitation is to stop and smell the roses or enhance the quality of your life in some way.

With Saturn hovering in place thru mid-June and Mercury Retrograde from May 29 – June 22, forward progress slows, potentially evoking worry or frustration. Do yourself a favor and don’t push, especially if you’re waiting for answers. Practice patience and trust in Divine Timing, even when there are delays. 

It’s important to remember that you don’t know the big picture – and it’s the ego that decides you are late, behind, being hindered or are lacking. Operating as if your life is unfolding for your Highest Good can help you stay positive during uncertain times. You choose your thoughts and attitude – and by the way, the world is undergoing a radical transformation, so nobody knows exactly where we’re going!

During Mercury Retro, you may think you have the info – and discover later that a major piece was missing. Having fixed ideas creates stuckness, heaviness or mental blocks, so be flexible for best results. Don’t jump to conclusions. Slow down. Double-check schedules, plans and details again. Because details can be scrambled and tech can go haywire, a sense of humor and extra space will serve you well.

If you are ready to travel, check car maintenance and be extra focused when booking flights, rental cars and making schedules during this period. And the wild card? We are in the Eclipse portal, between the Lunar Eclipse of May 26 and the Solar Eclipse on June 10, which means anything (the unexpected) can happen, so stay loose – and know that you will land on your feet. Don’t grasp or clench to hold onto anything that’s leaving your life.

On May 31 (Memorial Day) Mars trines Neptune, moving in flow, gently and intuitively. Great energy for creative pursuits, spiritual practices (think Tai Chi), and connecting with the higher dimensions. Wu Wei is movement that flows around obstacles and the path of least resistance; a soothing way to operate and a powerful alternative that aligns your will with your Inner Guidance. 

The Sun sextiles Chiron on June 2, ripe for healing an aspect of your ego (way of operating or communicating) that isn’t working – or it may show you a gift you weren’t aware of. Stay awake! 

Also on June 2, Venus enters Cancer thru June 27, creating a dramatic shift by focusing on home, family, and emotional connections as soul food. Venus in Cancer is warm and fuzzy – and relationships are primary, as it loves to be thisclose. Enjoy the nurturing, caring maternal energy that demonstrates love by giving to others.

On June 3 the Sun trines Saturn, which creates stability and supports agreements, commitments and plans, as well as building structures and things that last. 

Also, Venus trines Jupiter on June 3, bringing a gift (to yourself or from another), appreciation, $$ or love into your space. Watch what happens for you – Jupiter-Venus is magnifying the beauty and bounty of life! Enjoy, enjoy!

This week is a container of shifting energies, slowing, stopping, turning, and reviewing or reworking what’s already in process. Take your time. Get your bearings and align with the daily rhythms of life. Trust your intuition and quiet your busy mind.

The stress energy will amp up the following week as we approach the Solar Eclipse on June 10 and the 2nd Saturn-Uranus square on June 14, so this is a good week for reorientation. Stay high by operating from Creator energy and know that you are being led somewhere special for YOU!

“The winds of grace are always blowing, you just have to hoist your sail.” ~ Shri Paramahamsa Ramakrishna

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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