Mercury Retrograde in Libra – September 24, 2021

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We have a perfect day to take care of business on Sept 25 with stable Saturn trine active Mars, able to tie up loose ends before Mercury turns Retrograde on Sept 27 through Oct 18. As always, the guidance is to back up your info, double check schedules, travel and plans – and prepare to slow down, as you will be revisiting the topics and territory you’ve covered over the past few weeks, with a change to revise and upgrade wherever necessary. Practicing patience will serve you (and your nervous system) well, rather than getting upset if things go awry. 

Remember, Mercury is square Pluto thru Oct 1, potentially bringing out deep truths that you were not aware of or forcing hard conversations that you’ve been avoiding. Mercury-Pluto is very CSI, seeking details under a microscope, looking for what is hidden. DNA tests are Mercury-Pluto. You can have a breakthrough if you are doing personal work – or you may be in the midst of an ongoing conflict with someone that requires further negotiations or mediation. 

Maybe you receive info that rocks your world and you need time/space to reorient your thinking and integrate your altered conceptual framework. This can be very jarring and upset your equilibrium if you receive info that is radically incongruent with what you previously believed to be true (Truth) – and it’s something personal that affects your life. 

The square between Mercury and Pluto implies a hangover after receiving info that’s impacts you deeply and takes time to recover from, as you integrate the info into your consciousness to align with the new world you have just awakened to. Sounds dramatic, but it really can be just that – and that is the intensity and profound transformation of a Pluto experience. 

Whatever comes up via Mercury-Pluto, incorporate it into your Mercury Retrograde experience of reassessing and revising your life. Clear clutter and release what’s no longer needed or helpful, reorganizing as you go. It’s a process, so take twice as much time to do half as many things whenever possible. When you rush, you set yourself up for stress and snafus.

On Sept 29, we have two aspects and they make a beautiful balance. First, we have Venus trine Neptune, good for spiritual practices, creativity, romance, dreams, imagination and intuitive practices. This is an opportune time for visioning, accessing higher dimensional realms and helping those in need, as compassion and empathy are the epitome of Venus-Neptune, and the connection to All That Is. 

Next on Sept 29, we have the Sun trine Saturn, which supports claiming your Inner Authority, embodying your accomplishments and who you are. This is a good time for a check-in – how do you feel about yourself currently? Life is changing and so are you – or maybe you see yourself differently than you did before. If there’s something you want to change, this is a good time to make a decision to do it – and Mercury Retrograde supports the correction. If not, all good. But do the check-in and start the change if that’s what’s called for. This is the time.

On Sept 30, Venus squares Jupiter, which indicates over-doing it in some way. Venus is desires, $$, relationships and Jupiter is *more* – and in a square, it’s too much of a good thing. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of the equation, there’s too much of something today, so easy does it. Watch the spending and pay attention to what you say and do. Stay in integrity and be mindful of overconfidence. Know your limits and do no harm. 

Enjoy this Mercury Retrograde slowdown period. The space can benefit you – and if you build in meditation or other practices (nature walks, contemplation), you can use this time to reflect and restructure your inner world and your life, so that when Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury turn Direct in October, you will embody the new energies with a new personal presence. Follow your own guidance. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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