Mercury Retrograde Dec 10 – 30, ’10

You know the drill, it’s that time again… Mercury (planet of communication and information) will be traveling back over the territory that began on Nov 22, ’10.

Any decisions, commitments made or actions taken from that time until now will be up for review. Rather than resisting, get on board and be willing to go within and get clear about what needs reviewing, revising, or tweaking and revamp anything in your life that needs correction.

On the Winter Solstice we will have a Lunar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Gemini, which is going to be a major ending or the culmination of something – but whatever it is, it will be BIG! I’ll tell you more about this next week, but for now, focus on all the Retrograde activities that I list in my FREE Report (above left margin).

Mercury will be traveling back and forth over the Galactic Center of the Universe (the Black Hole, or center of the Milky Way), which is a portal for higher frequencies and powerful forces of expansion. It connects exactly on Dec 18, right before the Lunar Eclipse. Stay tuned for downloads, new insights, perceptions, or information to appear that will alter your path in perhaps momentous ways.

I suggest that you don’t plan too many activities during the holidays, as that is a setup for drama and stress if you overdo it. You know your limits. Love yourself and treat yourself with care.

We will begin 2011 with all the planets in Direct motion for three weeks, which is a rare occurrence. Know that this Retrograde period is preparation for what you will bring forth in the New Year. It couldn’t be more MAJOR!

Namaste (Nah-mah-stay).
(Which means, the Divine in me honors the Divine in you).

“When the traffic lights are red in New Delhi, they display the word “relax.” Every time you come to a red light, instead of sitting and grinding your teeth, try seeing it as an opportunity for practice. Connect with the in-going and out-going of the breath. Be one with the breathing.” ~ Tenzin Palmo

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