Mercury Retrograde / Autumn Equinox – Sept 16, 2022

We are in an enforced slowdown with six planets and Chiron Retrograde, facing that which is already in process for review, with opportunities to make course corrections as needed. This is is a time to catch your breath, so don’t push or be overly focused on the future. Trust in the Divine timing of your process, no matter what your egoic mind tells you.

During Mercury Retrograde (Sept 9-Oct 2), it’s a dicey time for linear thinking and decision-making, as info may be lost, missed or has not yet been revealed, so patience will pay off. As the 80s rock anthem said, “Hang on loosely, but don’t let go,” i.e., hold your vision, but release your attachment to how it should unfold. Be flexible; bend like a willow. 

On Sept 16 there are two aspects that can create inspiration or frustration, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. First, Venus squares Mars, which can be creative, demanding or passionate – and Mars in Gemini can be impulsive with words, so think twice before you speak and don’t react to others. Better to journal to get inflammatory thoughts out, unless you’re ready for an adult heart to heart conversation if it involves another. 

Note: Because Mars is in its shadow and is going to retrace this territory when it’s Retrograde (Oct 30-Jan 12), notice what is bothering you now, if anything. Whatever is out of alignment for you may be something you come back to handle during the Mars Retrograde period. Hint: wherever you are feeling discomfort, a transformation is waiting to happen :))

Next, the Sun opposes Neptune, optimal for spiritual practices, being in nature, creative pursuits, or leisure. Unless you’re on a date, involved in a creative project, or a spiritual activity, this is a great day to relax and nurture yourself if possible. Quiet time and spaciousness creates receptive energy. 

Mercury opposes Jupiter on Sept 18, which brings good news, a new insight, bright ideas or positive communications – and this is the second meeting for this duo, their first opposition being on Sept 2. So maybe something started in early Sept that you have more clarity about now – and there will be a third meeting of Mercury-Jupiter on Oct 12, so stay tuned for further developments on this topic. 

Also on Sept 18, the Sun trines Pluto, anchoring in the info you get from Mercury-Jupiter or letting you know if something is awry. Pluto’s power supports you and gives you stamina, but Mercury Retrograde-Jupiter can overestimate what’s possible, so again, adjust your expectations to the flow of how things actually unfold and trust the process. 

Venus trines Uranus on Sept 20, when you may attract new people into your life, especially those who are different than who you usually call in. You may express yourself in some exotic, eccentric or unusual way (for you), via your hair, clothing, social media (photos, messages) – or do something atypical socially for fun. Be creative – it’s a day to shake it up! If you’re in a relationship, have some fun! Listen to your heart and give it what it’s asking for. 

The Fall Equinox is on Sept 22 @ 6:04pm PDT, as we officially end the summer season when the Sun enters Libra. The Equinox is when light and the dark hours are equal, and spiritually the focus is on the harvest and gratitude for our many blessings. If this were more of a daily conscious practice, we would have a different world. 

Libra is the sign of peace, beauty, balance and harmony, it is focused on relationships and is other-oriented. Mercury in Libra will Retrograde back into Virgo  on Sept 23 following the Sun going into Libra on Sept 22. Got that? The Sun moves forward into Libra. Mercury moves backward into Virgo. So you still have Mercury Retrograde, now in Virgo, analyzing, organizing, clearing clutter, busy, busy, busy. The Sun is focused on people, beauty, harmony, peace. A New Moon in Libra is coming on Sept 25. Stay tuned… 

We begin the week in a swirl of Retrograde energies, that help to unwind old structures and open us to higher frequencies that can assist us in our journey of awakening and evolution – and land in the Autumnal Equinox, beginning of the Fall season. Keep in mind that Uranus (progress, revolution) and Saturn (tradition, structures) are 1º apart, both Retrograde and in a square, which creates the conflicts we have grown so used to, as we move toward Oct, when they will be exact.

Don’t take the bait and buy into drama; rise above the right and wrong game (duality) and focus on higher solutions and peace that transcends 3D – a quantum resolution and Oneness.   

“You cannot desire something—and notice that it isn’t coming—without offering two contradictory vibrations that won’t let it come.” ~ Abraham

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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