Mercury Retrograde Approaching…

The Sun entered the deep, intense sign of Scorpio on Monday night.

Saturn (structure, authority) and Mercury (info, communication) are already in Scorpio and Pluto (Ruler of Scorpio) is connecting with Saturn. That’s a lot of “going deep and getting real” energy!

It’s also ripe for transformation, letting go, clearing, integrating and transmuting old, stale energies and non-working patterns. The 8th house (traditional house of Scorpio/Pluto) is really about the dissolution of the ego (who you think you are).

When you encounter a challenging situation or feeling, welcome the integration (bringing the unconscious into consciousness). Announce that you are ready to integrate this energy once and for all! If you don’t know what that means, reach out for support to someone who does :)

Let go of identifications you hold about yourself, as these labels are not the truth of who you are. Be willing to go deeper to discover the undefined awareness that you truly are. That’s where the peace is. Ahhhh….

Remember that Scorpio isn’t just heavy – it’s juicy, where you get the real story of what’s going on – and to the root of a situation. From there you can be born anew!

Mercury Retrograde Approaching…

Mercury will be going Retrograde in a few weeks… and guess when it’s stationing to turn backwards? On Election Day!

Yes, this will be another fiasco (that’s a prediction) like the Bush-Gore election in 2000, when we had Mercury Rx on Election Day. Can’t you see how it’s already this close between Romney and Obama?

Get ready for some serious drama…!

You have 2 weeks to prepare for Mercury Retrograde, so if you are planning to make any expensive purchases or sell something major, do it now! Get your car in good working condition (Mercury rules ground transportation) and have anything checked or serviced that might need it.

I just bought a new computer and will have it all configured and backed up prior to the retrograde. Equipment, software, all tech gadgets should be updated now.

You need to get yourself organized and if you’re planning to launch any new programs, take actions before Nov 1st.

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