Mercury Retrograde and more – March 23, 2018

This is a good week to be like a Buddha – mindful, acting deliberately and slowly, following your inner guidance with extra Self-care as you go.

We have a series of challenging aspects this week, which doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end – or that it’s a good time to freak out. That will only create drama and bring other unwanted experiences.

This energy calls for a focused, positive, and spacious vibe, while allowing extra time for any unexpected demands that arise. If you react to every blip or external disruption, you will suffer.

Be in flow, with flexibility and decide that it’s all going to work out. How about that for a way of dealing?!

Here’s the lineup for the week:

* Venus (love, $$, desires) squares Pluto (power, sex) today thru the weekend. This brings up issues of power and love, $$ and control, and desires in overdrive. This energy can feel addictive, and it can also indicate love triangles.

If you feel like something has control of you – back off and get some care. Venus-Pluto can also bring up hidden issues, so if this happens, stay cool. Don’t react in the moment. Step back and settle before responding.

* All week the Sun in fiery Aries squares Mars in methodical Capricorn, which activates the energy of drive and urgency, with an impulsive need for action NOW! This can be channeled in productive ways if you’re conscious and you can accomplish a lot. The lower expression is you (or others) being pushy, driven, angry, and/or aggressive. Again, be mindful and harness the energy.

* On Tues the Sun moves into a square with Saturn (The Great Teacher) thru the end of the month. This can bring obstacles, challenges, and extra work that must be handled in order to move forward. Or uncooperative authorities. Perhaps your Authority will be challenged…

With Mars saying, “GO!” and Saturn saying, “Stop” you may feel like you’re driving with the brakes on. Frustration, impatience, and outbursts can easily happen. Don’t give in to your emotions. This is why extra space is helpful, so you’ll be able to accommodate any unexpected tasks that demand your time or attention to move forward.

* Venus (love, $$) is conjunct Uranus (change) at the end of the week. Watch for a sudden changes re: $$, relationships or being blindsided in some way. Uranus is always unexpected, so stay cool and regroup before responding.

And all this as Mercury Retrograde is underway thru April 15th. Don’t let Mercury Rx scare you into feeling like you can’t do anything. Align with the energy and make needed course corrections, using this slowdown energy as the gift it can be.

Your mindset has so much to do with the experience you create for yourself. If something seems to go awry, just back up and make a new decision without judgment. A mistake is not a moral issue – it’s just something unwanted or unexpected.

Use this dynamic energy – and use it consciously. Mercury Rx, Sun square Mars, Sun square Saturn, Venus conjunct Uranus. Wow.

You CAN make things happen, but you’ll have to take methodical actions if you hit obstacles. Be prepared to regroup, revisit, review and revise whenever necessary, but don’t create unnecessary drama.

You have the power to choose your viewpoint – and where to direct your attention. Be in your power, learn and grow, even through times that may feel like an obstacle course!

You’re in Jedi training this week. May the Force be with you :))


Namaste, friend. We’re on a mission…

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