Mercury Retrograde Alert – March 25, ’11

We have four planets in Aries (with three more on the way in April),  keeping the pace active and sometimes combustible, as Aries is tremendously willful.

The higher expression of Aries is courageous leadership and the lower expression is a selfish, narcissistic “My way or the highway!” attitude. You always choose how you experience life and express yourself, so with all this fiery energy please be mindful while moving through life at this time especially. Whenever you can, slow it down just a bit.


Venus/Neptune Conjunction

Teal Heart

The next energy that we  encounter this weekend is the  dreamy, beautiful Venus-Neptune conjunction, which can lift you beyond the harshness of the current 3D landscape of war, devastation and pain into beauty and Divine Love.

This is Earthly love, compassion, empathy, beauty and Divine Love combined – and interestingly, Elizabeth Taylor personified. Elizabeth was a Pisces (ruled by Neptune) and how fitting that she should transition right before this conjunction – as if she’s personally being welcomed into heaven.

During Venus/Neptune energy, you may either idealize love or open to love in its higher expression – with compassion, empathy and spaciousness – allowing your partner to “be” without having to cater to your unmet needs. This pertains to all relationships, not just romance, by the way.

Want to take the high road in relationship? Take responsibility for your own happiness and then bring your happy, fulfilled self to the party. That’s powerful – so rather than waiting to be completed by another, fill your own well. Then you can attract a partner who is operating from the same level of consciousness!

That’s high level Venus/Neptune energy. Or if you have a partner, make an agreement to each take responsibility for your own well being rather than pointing the finger at each other for what’s missing. Love is the ultimate transformer and this energy can be used to soften, open and evolve. Use it well!

Jupiter Opposing Saturn

Jupiter is expansion and Saturn is security and “the way we’ve always done it.” With these two in opposition you can expect to have to be accountable for any changes you’ve made or are in the process of making. Think of it as a reality check if you’ve recently expanded.

Does one part of you want to grow and another want to stay safe with the familiar? You may experience this internally or externally, with you playing either part in the dynamic. The guidance? Take methodical actions to expand your world – create movement with consciousness.

Mercury 3Mercury Retrograde – March 30 to April 23

You will have time to readjust and  revamp your life during the three week Mercury Retrograde period.

1. If you’re going to begin something new, do it this coming week, because by March 28th Mercury will be slowing down to turn around.

2.  Be sure to get your FREE Mercury Retrograde report so you know what to do to prepare – and how to use the energy during the retrograde. It’s in the report, but BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS AND DIGITAL DEVICES NOW!

3.  Get your Perfect Timing Guide so you know what to do (and what NOT to do) and when.

The month of April is going to be an interesting “science experiment” to see how life works with seven planets in Aries (LOTS of action and will!), Mercury Retrograde, and many days and hours with the Moon Void of Course.

4. Plan for exquisite care during these new and unusual times – get your support system in alignment and “on call” for you.

“You have been programmed to “behave,” rather than to be who you are. Layers of “undoing” are required to reveal the Diamond inside that is YOU!” ~ Lisa Zimmerman

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