Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus-Saturn, Full Moon in Gemini – Dec 2019

It’s here. Expansive Jupiter is now in ultra-responsible Capricorn for a year. Now you have to work to create opportunities – and you will need a more practical, grounded approach re: how to reach your goals and make things happen.

Jupiter can be a beacon of inspiration in the midst of a heavy Capricorn lineup we have going, so look to Jupiter for ascension, expansion and guidance. But be prepared to learn something new and develop it through discipline and methodical actions, in order to create lasting results.

All weekend the Sun in frisky Sagittarius squares Neptune, while Venus harmonizes with Neptune. Venus-Neptune is Divine Love, inviting you to the call of your soul – where you’re meant to be, who you’re meant to be with or what you’re meant to create for fulfillment. And it’s good for beauty and romance, as long as you don’t make any permanent decisions :))

A Sun-Neptune square can activate illusions, denial or blind spots that affect your ability to know what’s real. Because it’s highly subjective, you have to feel what’s right for you from a place of possibility rather than fear. So tune in. A reality check isn’t far behind, so you’ll find out if you’re on the right track within days.

Also, with Neptune your sensitivity is heightened, so give yourself extra space with activities whenever possible. The holiday party circuit can be draining and easy to overdo if you’re a social type, so be mindful of Self-care.

Don’t be afraid to say no if your energy is low. Or if you just don’t want to go. Space, creativity, spiritual practice, flow and deep connection is your happy place during Neptune transits. And it can bring up disillusionment, so if you feel down or blue, impeccable Self-care and comfort is called for.

On Dec 9, Mercury leaves private Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, ready to speak up! This is great for sales, socializing, teaching or preaching. Not the best listener, though. Can be righteous, blunt and direct (not a people-pleasing vibe), but fabulous for enthusiasm and big ideas!

This can help you see the big picture and make a stretch in your life. Mercury in Sag sees possibilities and is optimistic, which will help to inspire you in the midst of all the serious Capricorn energy.

On Dec 11, Venus is conjunct Saturn, giving you a reality check about your relationships, money, creativity and how you value yourself (boundaries are a big feature). Venus highlights love and desires and Saturn forces you to get real. No dreamy Neptune now…

How are things actually working? Whatever is “off” will be abundantly clear and if you need to make a decision, you may do it now, either committing further (marriage, engagement) or breaking up, ending or restructuring an unsatisfying situation. It can go either way, depending on what you’re dealing with.

Saturn demands security and structure and it’s here to support you. Also, this is a perfect time to bring creativity into form by starting/launching a project to make it real. Yes you can, if you have your ducks in a row.

On Dec 12 @ 12:12am we have a Full Moon in lively, social Gemini, sign of communication and multitasking. You may be celebrating with friends and colleagues, as holiday gatherings are in full swing. Connections are featured, so be open to who you meet, new ideas and info that comes your way. Everything counts and you don’t know how… yet.

The Sun in Sagittarius thinks big and is ready to go, but the Moon is in a funky aspect to Venus, Saturn and Pluto, which requires adjustments. Mars is trine Neptune, seeking a path that’s viable, but Neptune is squaring the Full Moon, so it’s not totally clear.

You may be ready to grow and change, but if something is misaligned or missing, it will frustrate your movement. Your next steps may feel like a puzzle you can’t quite solve – and yet, you will find a way, especially if you use your intuition and stay in flow. Connections will help you, so stay open.

The final month of 2019 is the end of a decade and we are collectively creating a new way forward moment by moment. It’s personal and global. So I invite you to be thoughtful as you contemplate where you are and where you’re going as we move into 2020 at the end of the month.

When you are aligned with your truth and Higher Self, you are contributing as who you came here to be. What a gift to be in alignment with your purpose. A worthwhile pursuit if you’re on that path…

Be curious about your future and what feels right for you. Be creative and practical. That’s what we’re doing now – and a breakthrough may be right around the corner!

Namaste and happy December.

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