Mercury in Pisces / Spring Equinox – March 2020

We begin the week swimming in the flowy, nonlinear, often confusing energy of Pisces waters – and we finish the week with a burst of fiery dynamic energy in Aries on the Spring Equinox. From one extreme to the other. And with Mercury Direct (and all planets Direct) now, info is forthcoming and things move quickly.

The coronavirus is a pandemic reality with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces (which can be confusion and/or hard to diagnose illnesses). Notice the mixed messages and conflicting info re: testing, care, safety.

On Sat, March 14 Mars sextiles Neptune, which can slow you down, derail the usual ways you go forward, and may even make you feel like you are going in circles. This takes external drive (Mars) and brings it in (Neptune) to your Higher Self. Let your intuition be your guide and don’t push! It won’t work…

Also on March 14 the Sun sextiles Pluto, creating opportunities for power and transformation (insights, breakthroughs), when hidden info may be revealed. Be willing to examine your attitudes, beliefs or ways of operating that need an upgrade, as the current environment invites you to awaken to your personal power (deciding consciously, rather than reacting/feeling helpless).

On March 16, Mercury comes back into Pisces, flooding us with info that can bring confusion, delusion, overwhelm. Your job is to find your center  and from there, do the next right thing. Don’t undermine yourself by pushing. If you’re not clear about decisions that need to be made, get support or a second opinion from a trusted advisor who can help you connect to your Self.

Spiritual practice is imperative this week (meditation, yoga, journaling, rebounder, walking/running/swimming, baths, nature). Slow it down and don’t freak out; lower expressions of Pisces are anxiety, depression, delusions, overwhelm, addiction and victimhood. Just so you know. You don’t have to go there… and if you are there, get help so you don’t stay there!

The Sun sextiles dependable Saturn on March 19, grounding the energy and supporting you in finding solutions to getting your needs met. But the major shift follows when the Sun moves from watery Pisces into fiery Aries, first sign in the zodiac on the Spring Equinox.

Now a new level of drive begins! All week, Mars (action) is approaching Jupiter (expansion), which will be exact on March 20; and you will feel it building with each passing day. Mars-Jupiter is upbeat, can-do activity, raring to go! But with the Sun still in Pisces thru Thurs night, you can’t get up to full speed; that will happen after March 20, so be patient.

Yes, we have a week ahead that may be a challenge to your mind (holding the fear) re: all the info, restrictions, and news around you. Your job is to find your center, be responsible and do what you need to take care of yourself. And watch the show of earth school and whatever this is we’re being led through.

Trust your process. As always, I’m sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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