Mercury Goes Direct ~ Wed, Aug 8, ’12

We just experienced a Full Moon on the Leo/Aquarius axis, having to do with your creativity and your intellectual ideals.

If you think you’re not creative, every way in which you express yourself through thought, word or deed IS your creativity!

How do your creations serve the Greater Good?

Coming off this Full Moon, we wind down into Mercury’s station, and by Sunday Mercury will appear to be standing until it changes direction on Wednesday to begin moving forward.

Should you experience a slowdown of information, activity, or have equipment acting up – have patience, please. Don’t try to force solutions that aren’t ready to happen and remember that new information often comes to light after Mercury goes Direct.

Continue to clean up – literally and figuratively – and prepare for Mercury going Direct on Wed, knowing that it won’t really start moving forward until Sat, Aug 11th.

Get your ducks in a row, continue to clear clutter and plan for what you want to create in the world (launching your new project, making that major purchase, etc.), knowing that you are aligned with the rhythms of the Universe.

We are approaching a Mars-Saturn conjunction on Aug 15th that I want you to prepare for now, because it’s a major energy for creating – and you need to plan for it.

Mars is the planet of action and will. Saturn is structure and your authority. These are both “work” planets, and together you can accomplish a lot, but you only get back in equal measure the effort you put forth.

So Mars-Saturn means that you can create real and lasting accomplishments if you show up with clarity, precision, and a solid structure. This isn’t the quick-start, slap-it-together product or project – rather, a methodical, well thought out plan.

Take the time to get clear about what you want to put forth, how you want to present it, and the results that you are seeking. Your efforts will be rewarded and after Mercury goes Direct, you may receive new insights and information that will further enhance your creation.

You can create for the next few weeks and then launch your new offering on the New Moon in Leo (Aug 17th). Isn’t astrology the coolest?! I just love it!

What do you have to offer the world? Everyone has something that is of value to others! If you don’t know what that is for you, get feedback from trusted advisors – or have a reading with me :)

Wishing you joyful creations!


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