Mercury Direct ~ Wed, April 4, ’12

Patience will be your spiritual practice this week – and it will serve you well if you remember it when it feels like nothing is happening or things aren’t going your way.

Mercury (planet of communication, information, education) will be stationing to go Direct this week, but it still isn’t time to take major actions yet.

You may be raring to go after putting new business and major purchases on hold, but Mercury always takes time to get going after being Retrograde, so please be patient.

In addition to the usual Mercury Retrograde drill, with Mars still Retrograde and slowing down to turn Direct on April 14th, things won’t be moving quickly in the coming weeks.

So what’s the guidance? Do not launch anything new or significant until after Mars goes Direct and know that the coming week may feel very s-l-o-w….

A few things to keep in mind:

* Mercury is in Pisces, which can facilitate intuitive insights and creativity or confusion and vague/misleading communications and information. Pay attention.

* We’re approaching a Full Moon on Friday, so emotions will heighten from Wed (the day Mercury turns Direct) through Friday at 3:19pm EDT. Easy does it and leave yourself lots of space.

Clean up clutter, get organized, make preparations and plans for when it’s time to move forward – and get yourself ready! Don’t rush things or you will create frustration and not the result you desire.

A high level spiritual practice if you wish: accept “what is” as it is and try looking at anything challenging from a different perspective. What else could this mean? It’s a creative exercise that can loosen your grip on a particular viewpoint that’s causing you discomfort.

Stretch yourself and find peace no matter what!

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