Mercury Direct / The Eclipse Wormhole – September 2023

Last night’s New Moon in Virgo launched us into a wormhole (a short distance between vastly different realities) that began the Eclipse Period that runs until the New Moon in Scorpio on Nov 13. 

We have a Solar Eclipse (major new beginning) Oct 14 and a Lunar Eclipse (completion or ending) Oct 28 and during this period, anything can happen; it’s like an amplified Uranus transit, with unpredictable fated events, new arrivals, endings and sudden changes. Don’t let this scare you. Rather, think of it as a jump start or quantum leap in your evolutionary process, with higher forces orchestrating a path you can’t see. 

Sept 15 – Mercury in Virgo is Stationing Direct, preparing to move forward tomorrow and will take time to gain momentum. Gather info, see how you feel about quality of life issues now that Mercury and Venus are both in Direct motion, and consider where you are. Don’t rush, and wait until Sept 21 to make any big decisions, if possible. New info will come to light to help inform your choices, as Mercury in Virgo is here to help you discern what to keep and what to eliminate as you move on. 

Sept 17 – Venus square Jupiter. This is the third of three squares (June 11, Aug 22), so it may be the culmination or conclusion of a story or process you’ve been in. With this pair, the experience has much to do with how you are personally, as Venus-Jupiter can be overly indulgent, generous or hedonistic if you’re prone to pleasure-seeking or it can open you to receiving if you’re a frugal or DIY type.

It’s all about balance. Venus square Jupiter can indicate a large purchase or expense, which makes sense if it’s needed or deliberate. Unconscious spending may be used to fill inner emptiness or to buy things you you really can’t afford. $$ (Venus) is related to how you value your Self and a Jupiter square wants  more! Think about why you’re doing what you’re doing; as long as you are conscious and aligned (with your Authentic / Higher Self) with your choices, all is well. 

Sept 19 – Sun opposite Neptune. Nonlinear Neptune opposing the Sun can create confusion, doubt, a skewed perspective and low vitality – or to be empowered, access your Higher Self, intuition, creativity, imagination or dreams (waking or sleeping) to vision your future or do spiritual practices. This is a good day for Self-care. Move intuitively, without struggle or excessive effort. Easy does it and choose what nurtures your soul. 

Sept 21 – Sun trine Pluto. This is perfect day to handle tasks that matter, as Pluto will make it happen. This productive energy offers the focus and drive to follow through on anything you prioritize as important to you. Use it well. This is when Mercury begins to pick up its forward momentum.

Sept 22 / 23 – Autumn Equinox / Sun in Libra @ 11:50pm PDT / 2:50am EDT. The Autumn Equinox is the beginning of the Fall season in the northern hemisphere, where day and night are equal in length, as we leave the practical sign of Virgo and move into the other-oriented sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, peace and beauty with a focus on relationships, aesthetics, fairness, balance and harmony. The Autumn Equinox chart has Mercury trine Jupiter, indicating thinking big, bright ideas, planning and good news. 

Also, Chiron trine Venus, healing heartwounds and valuing yourself deeply, aligning with your *true* values, rather than being influenced by your family, culture, peers, advertising, social media or others. Your Higher Self is your North Star; to thine own Self be true. 💕🙏🏼 

The Sun is inconjunct Saturn, which brings some reality check – perhaps a decision about your future or current direction, vocation, whether to proceed or to choose a new path. You will know what it is, but the choice requires that you stay in faith, rather than contracting in fear. A decision is just the next move – it is not necessarily permanent.

Pluto squaring the Nodes of Fate continues to challenge those who it’s affecting personally by turning their lives upside down. This can involve death, loss or upheaval of any kind, but it’s meant to move you from one circumstance to another. I have been through it, so I know how destabilizing it can be, but know that it has a purpose – and your job is to get the absolute best possible care you can as you go through your situation. Everything you learn and experience will serve you later, I promise, and you will land on your feet one way or another. 

Sept 25 – Mercury trine Jupiter. This started on Aug 9, and now it’s back with good news or big ideas that  come to fruition, plans, networking or communications that expand your world. Make the most of this dynamic energy! 

This will carry you through the next two weeks until we reach the Full Moon in Aries on Sept 29 @ 2:58am PDT. This will be the last lunation before the Solar Eclipse on Oct 14 – and remember, we are in the Eclipse Wormhole, which is unpredictable, so be flexible as you make your plans and know that you are being led somewhere special just for you. 

We are ALL in the mystery right now – there is no one who knows exactly where we are going or what it will look like, but you either choose love or fear as you take this ride. And the only way to stay in your Higher (or Authentic) Self, is to choose love and faith. Fear will take you down, so if you slip, pick yourself back up – and get help if you need it. Helpers are all around.

Choose carefully who and what you allow into your space during this exciting, precious time!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an evolving, empowered and meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️



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