Mercury Direct – September/October 2022

We end the month and open the week with the Mercury Station (standing still), preparing to turn Direct on Oct 2, and it will feel like Mercury Retrograde on steroids all weekend, as communications, tech, info and travel snafus are extra ripe, so move slowly and be in the present moment. Strategy: create twice as much space for half as many activities, if possible.   

Oct 1 – Venus opposes Jupiter, creating fertile ground for making beneficial contacts with those who lift you up, bless your life and/or expand your world. This is also prime time for beauty treatments, shopping, decorating and style makeovers, if it’s in the budget (Jupiter can overdo!). Socializing and gatherings are perfect for this congenial, lively energy. Enjoy!

Venus opposing Jupiter can be especially healing for those who give, give, give and need to practice receiving (hint, hint). This is an opportunity to appreciate the special beings you come in contact with, knowing that nothing is random, whether it’s a close friend, an acquaintance or a brief interaction with a stranger – and, to know that ALL of your contacts are are a mirror of YOU, that you magnetically and synchronistically called in. Breathe that in…

Oct 2 – Mercury turns Direct in Virgo, ready to take care of business. But Mercury is opposing nonlinear Neptune, diffusing the clarity that Virgo is seeking, which undermines certainty and confidence re: communications, data and reliable info. This energy heightens intuition, spiritual practices and creative pursuits, and is profound for dreamwork and channeling messages from Spirit Guides, Higher Self and higher dimensions if this is your world. Neptune transits unwind old structures in subtle ways to create portals and openings that lead to higher consciousness, so go within and sit in stillness to see what comes through for you – and notice what comes to light this week with Mercury moving Direct.

Uranus (the future) is squaring Saturn (the past) for the final time Oct 2-4, but the effect of their close contact will be felt all month. Progress vs. resistance and power struggles will be continue as the cycle from 2021 arises again, leading into the Eclipse cycle in late Oct. Expect drama, but don’t engage. Notice and witness from a neutral perspective for best Self-care and to be of service to the collective. Judgment is a “Go directly to jail” card. Don’t take the bait. Remember, it’s a choice.

On Oct 6, Mercury trines Pluto and this is a day to take action where specific info and data is needed to be anchored in, discovered, clarified, shared or agreed upon. This is solid, stable energy you can depend on, as your mind can zoom in like a microscope on details. Do important paperwork or send it in, negotiate contracts and have critical conversations, as you can get to the truth of “what is” today. A gift. Clarity, empowerment, focus.

All week we are in the Pluto Station (power and transformation), as it will turn Direct on Oct 8 – a major turning point for the world. Not only is Pluto going Direct, it will be going Direct in Capricorn for the final time (since 2008) to enter Aquarius next Spring, creating a paradigm shift that we can only imagine at this point. More to come next week… 

October is a month that will be a defining moment in our history, with twists, turns and upheavals. November, too. Creating stable ground within – a stillpoint – is invaluable, a reference point of peace and comfort you can depend on in turbulent times. Do not fear the changes, as they are leading us out of the dark into the Light. 

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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