Mercury Direct – Sept 29, ’09

Mercury (planet of communication, information, education) is stationing to go direct today (Tuesday), but it won’t actually move forward until Thursday, Oct 1st, as it takes a few days to get going. When Mercury is stationing communications may seem to stand still, as if nothing is happening.  On Oct 1st you can sign contracts if you need to but it would be better to wait.

Because we have a Full Moon in Aries late Sat night, Oct 3rd Pacific Time and early Sun, Oct 4th Eastern Time, it means that emotional energy will begin to escalate on Thurs, Oct 1st, just as Mercury begins to move forward. It’s one thing after another! 

If you can, wait to make major purchases until Sunday, Oct 4th if possible, just to get through the potential Full Moon craziness.

You can expect new information to be forthcoming and things should flow a little more easily as you prepare to move forward, sign contracts and make those major purchases. In the days ahead pay close attention to what’s being said (and not said), as messages can be verbal or nonverbal. You may be raring to go after putting new business and actions on hold for three weeks, but practice patience – you will be grateful if you do!  

Notice what changes direction in your life so that you can reshape your life incorporating all you’ve learned during the retrograde. Know that you may still encounter tense aspects along the way every now and then, so be flexible. Think of surfing – ride the waves and hold your center in an empowered and relaxed way. 

The Sun is in Libra which is about balance, peace, harmony and beauty. What is out of balance in your life? Think about how you can create greater peace and balance for yourself. Your well being will have a ripple effect, touching all those who come in contact with you, giving them the gift of your energy.

“Let’s make a dent in the Universe.” ~ Steve Jobs

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