Mercury Direct / Saturn Retrograde

It feels like we’re straddling multiple realities – the 3D world of physical reality and Higher dimensional realities, beyond what we can see on planet earth. You may clearly feel that something new is on the way for you, but you don’t know what it is – and yet, nothing has shown up. No worries, all is in Divine Order, it’s just not time (Saturn) – yet. Here’s what’s happening…

June 3 – Mercury turns Direct at 26º Taurus, activating the Lunar Eclipse degree and the subsequent events it spawned, so expect more info to appear that impacts the storylines about the Eclipse events in the days ahead. Whether public or personal for you, there is more info to be revealed…

Although Mercury is technically going forward, it only advances two degrees all week – and it’s squaring Saturn that’s at a standstill, creating obstacles, delays or a general lack of movement through June 8, so adjust your expectations. Practice patience and allow extra time and space for operating to alleviate stress, recalibrate your nervous system and to give yourself a break. 

Mercury is in Taurus until June 13, seeking practical info that aligns with your values and helps to make your life secure and comfortable. Take these few weeks to allow new info to arrive that wasn’t available or evident before, that will likely color or alter your plans and expectations. It will be worth the wait.

Saturn Retrogrades from June 4 – Oct 23, giving you the opportunity to restructure your boundaries, the structures in your life and to claim your Authority on new levels, i.e., your ability to trust your Self. Regarding boundaries, are you tolerating anything that doesn’t work for you? If so, why – and what changes can you make? Trusting your Self is about being able to feel what’s right for you in any given moment – not by what you “think” is right, but by your inner intuitive guidance. Have you made agreements that violate your integrity or that you made out of guilt? If so, time for a renegotiation…

Saturn rules responsibility and predictability – and lower expressions of Saturn are taking responsibility for everything (DIY) and over-attachment to the routines of the past – the way you’ve always done it, autopilot. If your lifestyle is so predictable and cautious that you never stretch beyond your comfort zone, you can’t evolve and grow. 

On a 3D level, Saturn brings delays, obstacles, it rules time. But on an esoteric level, Saturn is The Lord of Karma, The Great Guru – a master teacher. You learn your lessons about responsibility from Saturn – and if you don’t, they will repeat. So if you keep having the same experience and feel like a victim, this is about something you are creating that you’re not seeing. When you change your way of operating, your experience will change. This is how Saturn works…

Furthermore, there is always wisdom in a Saturn delay, even though we usually don’t see it at the time. Frustration is a typical response to being stopped or slowed when we want to move forward, but if you are met with an obstacle, especially if you have to stop what you’re doing and wait – get into it! Don’t push, don’t look for the workaround right now. Sit with it and watch how things unfold, if you have the faith to surrender and trust that life is working FOR you. You just may get a surprise that is beyond anything your mind could cook up (I hope so!). 

Mercury sextiles dreamy Neptune, channeling intuitive energies that provide inspiration and fuel your imagination to keep you high, seeing through the eyes of Divine Love and compassion. This is high frequency energy and accessible via spiritual practices, nature, art and being of selfless service. Tap in to rise above any dense 3D vibrations of daily life that can drag you down. 

Mercury trines Pluto, offering insight, vision and a way of utilizing and integrating info gained into your consciousness as you progress. Allow each realization to find its place in your evolving conceptual framework. Lots of development going on within, so even when it doesn’t seem like much is happening externally, don’t be fooled – there’s movement inside, you are in process. 

Give yourself a few days of deliberate slowdown, chill out and allow life to unfold at its organic pace. See what happens. Behind the chaos of the Pluto Return is the magic of rebirth. Your job is to get ready. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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