Mercury Direct, Saturn in Capricorn and Merry Christmas ~ Dec 22, 2017

Hallelujah! Mercury turns Direct today, activating the flow of information and communication as Mercury picks up steam over the coming days. Be open to new insights and data that informs your decisions for 2018. And remember to register for health insurance if you haven’t already!

Saturn in Capricorn is a solid, stable, no-nonsense energy that supports manifesting – as long as you do the work. Commitment, diligence and discipline will serve you well. Easy, lucky, shortcuts are not in this arena. It just doesn’t align because there’s no personal development involved.

You get self-esteem by doing esteemable things. Taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts, words and response-ability to life circumstances. When you encounter a challenge do you give up, go into victim-mode, or are you solution-oriented? Saturn in Cap has a stiff upper lip. Just do it.

Saturn in Capricorn is not flashy, but it is purposeful, dedicated and will do the next right thing to move forward. This is the attitude and feel of the new energy that we are living in for the next three years. Steady with caution. No crazy risks without solid reasoning to back them up.

What have you been waiting to make real? This is the energy that’s ripe for bringing your ideas and desires into form. If you’re willing to make the effort long-term, you will reap the rewards.

And most importantly, this is the time to claim your Inner Authority. Stop looking for permission or approval and give yourself what you seek from others. When you trust yourself and act on your Inner Guidance, those who are aligned with you will find you. You give up your power by seeking approval.

You may be ready to party this weekend with Venus in Sagittarius, but on Christmas Day Venus goes into Capricorn w/Saturn, where you are looking for something Authentic. Real. Substantial, rather than romantic. Who and what you can count on.

Venus-Saturn believes in vows, and it’s a good time to make love real by proposing or by getting married. Beyond romance, appreciate those who show up for you in your life – and know that your willingness to show up for others is profound display of love and care. 

Finally, Mars is approaching expansive Jupiter in powerful Scorpio, creating an inspired, can-do energy of action and will. This combo loves a challenge and will be exact together on Jan 5, but they’re in orb already, so you’ll get the benefit of their get up and go by putting inspiration into action. Then you can use Saturn in Cap to ground the energy. 

Remember, talking the talk without walking the walk from now on won’t fly. “Make it real” is the new mantra. 

Namaste friends. Wishing you a reverent season of Light. 

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