Mercury Direct, Pluto Retrograde – April-May 2024

Happy Mercury Direct! I’m sure it’s a relief to have the planet of communication, tech and commerce back in forward motion, although it’s not up to speed yet. After a long Retrograde in Aries, you can feel your mind coming back online as new solutions, connections, truths and info becomes accessible and flows as days go by. Give it time to pick up speed before making major decisions, as more will be revealed with greater clarity at the close of the Eclipse Wormhole on the Taurus New Moon (May 7). Pay attention to your evolving consciousness and where you’re being led, now that we’re past the Eclipse and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

April 28/29 – Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces is Wu Wei energy, when you flow intuitively around obstacles. Also, it can be a time of surrender at 28º Pisces, the end of the zodiac, where you are meant to release anything you’re clinging to that has outlived its usefulness. You’ll know if this is you b/c you’ll feel drained by holding on to the old identity, beliefs, (fill in the blank) – and they will ultimately be swept away if they are meant to go.

Mars-Neptune aligns with spiritual practices, creative pursuits, leisure and being in nature. If a release is called for, bless it and let it go with reverence and gratitude. Avoid anything that lowers your frequency (substances, behaviors, relationships, dark media), as boundaries are flimsy and you are highly suggestible. Only the best and highest for you!

April 29 – May 23 – Venus in Taurus is in its domicile (home sign) of values, valuing your Self, $$ and love. Venus in Taurus is feminine, slow, sensual, attuned to the body, comfort, good food, as well as giving and receiving affection. Your basic security and material needs must be met for you to be content. Stop and smell the roses – appreciate the physical pleasures and sweet sensations of life, as you deepen your connection to abundance on all levels, knowing that it is yours to embody and embrace.

April 30 – June 9 – Mars in Aries (its domicile) is on fire to make decisions and take actions to get in the game and initiate something. However, we’re still just coming off of Mercury Rx and you may not have all the info yet or be up to speed after the Mars-Neptune conjunction, so trust your gut and prepare for where you want to go when it is time for action. This is a courageous Mars that is highly motivated to take a risk and make something happen, so for the next six weeks in Aries, plan to make good use of it.   

April 30/May 1 – Venus square Pluto is a power dynamic in relationships involving power, love, passion and $$ mingled in toxic combos, as well as magnetic attractions, manipulation and boundary violations. There is healing potential if people involved are willing to do the work – or a boundary must be set and enforced. Breakthroughs are possible, as squares bring things to a head, so this is an opportunity for integrating shadowy behaviors and reconnecting on a whole new level.

May 2 – Pluto Stations Retrograde to retrace the few degrees of futuristic Aquarius it has covered since it entered on Jan 20 – and it will back into traditional Capricorn on Sept 1 for the final time until Nov 19, when it will return to Aquarius for good until 2043. When Pluto leaves a sign, it announces its departure by deconstructing old structures – and when it enters a new sign, it announces its arrival with innovations and it reveals hidden agendas in both signs, which, you’ll notice is what’s happening now.

Over the past few years as Pluto has traversed from Capricorn to Aquarius (and back), your life may have been transformed in some way. If you are having a Pluto transit, a breakdown and rebirth of some kind is taking place, depending on the house and planets involved. But one thing is for sure – Pluto never leaves you the same as where it found you; you always come out stronger, wiser and more Authentic. The goal is to support your growth, evolution and move you into your power – with free access to your gifts, strengths, talents and resilience.

Don’t rush as you utilize the energies to carry you forward this week in the rhythm that is just right for you. Follow your Inner Guidance as you reorganize and rebalance anew. There is no hurry. All is in Divine Order and we are moving at the perfect pace, even when your ego tells you it’s slow. You’ll see :))

“When we walk like we are rushing, we print anxiety and sorrow on the earth. We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the earth. Be aware of the contact between your feet and the earth. Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

“Wherever we are resisting changes in our lives, is where we need to make them most. The Universe, in partnership with our souls, shows us what is not working.” ~ Beverly Williams

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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