Mercury Direct / New Moon in Pisces and more…


Mercury Direct – Feb 28, ’14 

There are so many astrological changes and energetic shifts this week, I’ll break them down one by one…

First, after three long weeks Mercury is Direct, bringing new information, clarity, solutions and connections that weren’t evident or available before. Hallelujah!

Know that it will take about a week for communication to be flowing again, as Mercury has to gather momentum before it moves forward significantly.

The feeling of relief is palpable today, as expansive, optimistic Jupiter connects with the Sun providing us with the impetus to embrace the “big picture” rather than just focusing on details or your “to do” list.

The Moon in dreamy Pisces joins Neptune to encourage us toward compassion, imagination, Divine Love and Oneness. It is a heart-opening, softness that will raise your vibration. Operating from this place will call goodness into your life.

Allow yourself to explore the energy of unlimited potential. It is a limitless sea of discovery and flow.


New Moon in Pisces  – March 1, ’14

12am PDT ~ 3am EDT

Late tonight (PDT) and early tomorrow (EDT) we have a New Moon in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, closing out the final month of the astrological year. It is a time of contemplation and visioning – where you’ve been and where you feel called to go next.

Your Higher Self is the energy of Pisces – imagination, dreams, compassion and Oneness. Jupiter (Higher Truth, spiritual seeker) is making a harmonious aspect to this New Moon, restoring faith and inspiration for the future.

Jupiter is a positive, idealistic sign that can provide the confidence to override discouragement and stuck energy, so utilize this “can do” spirit! Yes, yes, yes!

Neptune (dreams, visions) conjuncts the New Moon and Pluto, grounding it with power and substance. This is a rich time for intention setting, deciding and committing to what you will do to evolve yourself and your life.

You can feel what needs correction or revision. Confusion, discomfort and/or pain is a sign that something is out of alignment. You may know what that is – or what it is may be a surprise to you. Do whatever you have to do to take responsibility for yourself and your life. The right time is now!

Mars blue

Mars Retrograde – March 1 to May 19

On this New Moon – Mars, planet of action and will, goes Retrograde for 3 months. It’s in the sign of Libra (relationships, beauty, balance), so the warrior planet is already moving in an unnatural way, as it seeks to avoid conflict in harmonious Libra.

This is a good time to renegotiate relationships, partnerships and to make amends in relationships. If there’s someone from your past that you want to reconnect with, this is a perfect time.

Use the energy to serve you rather than trying to push forward with new projects, which may take some heavy lifting to get off the ground – and with no guarantees they’ll go in the direction you want them to.

Saturn white

Saturn Retrograde – March 2 – July 20

Saturn, planet of authority and structure, goes Retrograde on Sunday for the next 4+ months.

This gives you the opportunity to restructure your life. Look at your career and inner authority. Do you trust yourself or seek approval? This is a big Saturn issue and it’s time to integrate anything that keeps you from being your own authority!

Saturn is about responsibility – and you get back in equal measure the effort you put forth. This isn’t about struggle or suffering, rather, making the course corrections that you’ve been avoiding or resisting – that will lead to alignment and empowerment.

Jupiter neon

Jupiter Direct – March 6 to Dec 8

Optimistic, inspirational Jupiter turns Direct on Thursday, inviting you to tap into your Higher Self for guidance and inspiration, knowing that you can create whatever you believe in without doubt.

This energy can carry you forward when you use it in combination with taking responsibility for handling the non-working aspects of your life. It’s a “combo” deal – the inspired (Jupiter, Neptune/Pisces) along with methodical, responsible efforts (Saturn).

There’s so much happening this week! Don’t let the forward – backward motion derail you. Ride the waves and let your rudder be your intentions.

Create clear intentions with a solid commitment to take actions that are aligned with what you seek. Get help when you need it – and be open to what you receive.

Be ready to recreate your life, knowing that you will only leave behind that which is blocking you from your Highest Good.

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