Mercury Direct / New Moon in Gemini – June ’15

Turning the Tide
There are many aspects and energetic shifts (right now and in the coming week); some going forward and some Retrograding, which can create a feeling of coming and going. Or trying to move forward with an undertow that pulls you back.

Here’s the lowdown:

Busy Mercury turned Direct yesterday while dreamy Neptune turns Retrograde today. In this energy, linear left-brain processing can work against you, whereas using your feelings and intuition will lead you forward in smooth, nonlinear ways.

This is Higher Self domain, so go within to find peace and receive guidance, using whatever methods serve you best: meditation, yoga, nature, movement, dance or creativity. Thinking is not your friend for the next few days :))

Watch for new information to arrive post-Mercury Retrograde. Be open and flexible so you can adapt as needed to plans and decisions made from an earlier perspective.

Surf the energetic waves and move forward gently and deliberately. It is easy to become scattered by trying to do everything at once (the Sun with driving Mars in multi-tasking Gemini are on a mission to talk, think, connect and take action!).

On Sunday night, Saturn (structure, authority) backs into Scorpio until mid-Sept to revisit issues left unhandled at the end of 2014. As always with Saturn, the way through is to take responsibility for what you create, which often requires focused effort and commitment. If you do the work the payoff will be great, in terms of results, as well as your own feelings of self-esteem.

All week long we have a harmonious Jupiter-Uranus aspect that will be exact on June 22nd and over by early July. This creates unexpected opportunities, gifts and blessings, which are always uplifting and a beautiful illustration of the magical possibilities of life.

New Moon in Gemini – June 16, 2015
7:05am PDT ~ 10:05am EDT

We have a New Moon in the friendly, curious sign of Gemini on Tuesday, June 16th. The New Moon is the time to take an action directed toward what you want to create or cultivate in your life.

Gemini rules the intellect/mental body (thinking, speaking, teaching, learning) and all forms of communication. It’s the domain of community, siblings and ground transportation. It’s also meet-ups, networking, FaceBook, Twitter, all your technology, and your bicycle.

On this New Moon, Mars (action/will) is conjunct the Sun (ego/essence), wanting to do everything NOW – and Chiron (the wound/wounded healer) is squaring the Sun and Mars. This can create obstacles (inner or outer) and highlight ways in which you’re disempowered around taking action, moving forward, or managing you’re attention.

Are you involved in too many activities; is your attention scattered all over the place? If so, center yourself and decide what’s really important so you can choose your direction with clarity and intention, rather than reacting to every opportunity or message that comes along.

Be sure your bright ideas are aligned with your Higher Self and then create intentions to make them real. Use what you learned during Mercury Retrograde to move forward in NEW ways that will serve the vision for your life that you want to experience.

May you be happy and well :))

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