Mercury Direct / Full Moon in Taurus – Jan 2017


Where is the map for this new world we’ve landed in? The “tried and true” is no longer relevant. As inconvenient as it can be, you are being pushed out of your comfort zone, asked to shift and feel what is out of alignment for you. For real. And then explore where you’re being called.

There are a multitude of energies swirling around this week.

The Pluto-Sun conjunction offers you an opportunity to look at where you feel victimized or taken advantage of – and how you have given your power away. Pluto rules what’s hidden, so dig deep and be willing to take your power back (rather than seeking permission or approval). This is life-changing!

Mercury is preparing to turn Direct on Sun, Jan 8th. Use the weekend for a fearless examination of your current life and make course corrections wherever possible. Be willing to make bold new choices to get your needs met going forward – and to support your most vibrant expression of Self in the world.

It’s time to come out of hiding and loosen your grip on the training wheels you use to feel safe, that are actually like weights holding you down. You can feel what’s not working and you don’t want to drag that forward into 2017 with you. It’s time to fly…

If you’re still a unclear, it’s okay. The stellium in Pisces slows you down to diffuse your thinking and unwind old ego constructs, while the S. Node conjunct Venus activates your innocence and primal desires of the heart. Let this sweet, tender energy call you forward as well.

What is your heart longing for? Feel what’s there – and know that this is a path of awakening should you be willing to use it. Pisces allows you to transcend the 3D world to access your Higher Self and realms beyond, via spiritual practices, energy work, nature, creativity, music, selfless service and going within. Or it can take you out via your addiction of choice (lower energy). You decide which way you’ll go in any given moment, so choose well.

When Mercury turns Direct, all planets will be in Direct motion until early Feb. That’s a lot of momentum that you have access to, so prepare for what you want/need and use it well!

On Thur, Jan 12 we have a Full Moon in Cancer (needs, family, home). This Full Moon is part of a Cardinal Grand Square, with Jupiter (expansion), Uranus (unexpected), the Sun and the Moon, with Pluto (power) next to the Sun. Saturn is also in the mix squaring Chiron.

This Grand Square Full Moon is about restructuring your work, personal life, claiming your power and Authority, and getting your needs met. Jupiter in Libra addresses relationships of all kinds, so everything is in the mix. Watch your ego and fears in reaction to changes you didn’t choose (or even the ones you did!).

The energy is ripe for breakthroughs, so watch for incoming people, opportunities and messages – as well as inner revelations that can open doors and change the picture (I love this!).

This is a dynamic week. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen, but hiding and playing it “safe” is a lower, fear-based reaction so have the courage to follow your intuition and Higher Self for guidance every step of the way.

This week will likely bring more surprises (get used to this way of life) and if it forces you to make decisions, know that life is a series of decisions. If you put too much pressure on yourself to make the “right” decision, you will create from contraction and limit your possibilities.

The more curious and engaged you are in your own growth and evolution (whatever that means for you), the better off you are. Look forward and feel your way though, willing to shift whenever necessary.

And enjoy All Planets Direct! We are moving…

Namaste, Pioneers.

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