Mercury Direct – August 2018

After so much turmoil, we welcome a weekend of flowing aspects between expansive Jupiter and mystical Neptune, with Mercury and Venus in harmony as well. This makes for sweet connections, verbal compromises and solutions, as well as generosity of spirit. The energy of lovingkindness is just the antidote we need for our weary souls after a long summer of frenetic activity, so focus your intention on that for yourself and others.

On Sat night, Mercury turns Direct and in the days following, information will appear and shed new light on situations that are unresolved, waiting for decisions to be made. Give yourself a few days after the turnaround to gather any needed intel, so you are well informed and clear. There is no need to hurry, as we’re not out of the slowdown yet.

Mars (action) is Retrograde until Aug 27, so I suggest you wait to launch any new projects or move forward in significant ways. You want to flow with the energy; you don’t want to push a boulder up a hill. Next weekend, we’ll be in another major turnaround with Mars. Patience is an asset for now, especially with Mars in methodical Capricorn. One step at a time…

The coming week is a good time to plan and prepare for actions once Mars turns Direct. Also, use the positive watery (Jupiter/Neptune) connections to go within and get clear about your needs and Self-care. During this week of shifting energies use the space to take notice and rebalance yourself. Take responsibility for any missing elements from your life by calling them in now. Support? Care?

The Sun moves from “Me”-centric Leo into service-oriented Virgo late Wed night, so enjoy your last days of Leo energy and have some summer fun. Play is underrated in our culture and it’s good for the soul, along with creativity and Self-expression (all Leo activities). Listen to some music by the Queen, Aretha, for a pick-me-up!

All month, Saturn (structure) is in harmony with Uranus (change), providing support and stability for changes that align with your Authentic Self. How awesome is that?!

After all these changes where are you now and what no longer serves you? Consider what you might be willing to let go of, what you’ve outgrown. If you know, good. If not, no worries, as more will be revealed.

No worries. All is in Divine Order. Always.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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