Mercury Direct – April ’11

Mercury Direct – April 23, ’11

Mercury finally goes Direct on April 23rd, but it opposes Saturn (the Great Teacher) until April 28th.

This means that it may not really feel like Mercury is moving forward and it may seem like Mercury Retrograde “Extended” until mid-week.

Just so you know, wishy-washy won’t work! This energy demands that you be accountable for every communication and action you take (or else you’ll hear about it), so pay close attention to details and take conscious and deliberate actions.

In the days ahead listen to what’s being said (and not said), as messages can be verbal or nonverbal. When making decisions, feel into the energy to see if you feel expanded or contracted, just to be sure you’re doing what’s right for you!

By the end of the week you can expect new information to be forthcoming and things should flow a little more easily as you move forward, sign contracts and make those major purchases.

I urge you to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve shifted during this Mercury Retrograde period. There has been a huge amount of Moon Void of Course energy and opportunities for evolution and integration. I truly hope it has served you well – I trust that it has (whether you realize it or not!).

The Sun is in slow, steady Taurus which brings some grounding and softness to the Aries-dominant energy of feeling like a racehorse waiting to take off! Or maybe you have experienced the five planets in Aries as this inner feeling of pushing, whispering: “hurry up, hurry up!!”

Because Mercury is standing still for the next few days and then opposing Saturn (keeping its movement in check), the best thing to do for yourself is to make plans to take action when the energy supports it and give yourself some space to take care of your “being.”

If you are in the hallway (in between a completion and your next step), then use this opportunity to stay open, be curious, and enjoy being “in the question.”

Appropriate actions are required – and that may be having conversations with people to get information, journaling, exercising – whatever the next right thing is for YOU.

Your attitude always determines the experience you will have. You can either worry yourself silly or have faith that you are being taken care of – and being positive raises your vibration. That’s how you call in the goodies! Think about it – what would you be attracted to — the energy of promise and possibility or the pessimistic skeptic?

The energy will open up in May, making it easier to move forward as the Aries planets flow into Taurus. We’re moving along – and if you don’t feel like it’s happening fast enough for you, maybe you need to adjust your expectations. Remember, All is in Divine Order!

“Quiet time and spaciousness creates receptive energy.” ~ Lisa Zimmerman

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