Mercury Direct and New Moon in Aries – April 2018

There’s a lot of action this week, so I’ll break it down piece by piece. We’re in a major shift of endings and new beginnings, but the path is not fully defined yet, as you decide in each moment what to do, when and how to do it, based on your inner guidance. Faith and courage will carry you forward.

The Moon is Void of Course today until 11:26pm EST. Use this liminal time pre-New Moon for Self care, whatever that means for you. Feel into what you want to create going forward, what your dream is for this New Moon and new beginning.

Now thru Tues, expansive Jupiter connects with powerful Pluto to foster a “can do” attitude and vision in order to make needed changes. Use this energy well to feel into the big picture in your life.

Mercury Stations Direct on Sun morning, but doesn’t get up to speed until April 27th. Is it safe to take actions? Yes, and watch for new info come to light and for an easier flow. This is the time to bring your upgraded perspective to your decision-making process.

The New Moon in Aries is 9:57pm EST on Sunday April 15th, so Monday is a good day to take action toward anything you want to create or increase. Use the weekend to set your intentions – and then allow the new Mercury info to inform your actions as the week unfolds.

Uranus (Great Awakener) sits on this fiery New Moon in Aries, adding an element of surprise to the already lively energy. Uranus acts to liberate you from anything that is stale or out of alignment with your Highest Good, so rather than freaking out at sudden changes, be looking for, “How does this serve my growth and well being?”

It helps to consider the big picture to appreciate unexpected changes. Sometimes you can only recognize the blessing and grace of a change in retrospect, so reserve judgment about current events.

Maybe this is the time when you’re ready to liberate yourself from an old pattern, relationship or routine that no longer serves you. This New Moon with Uranus gives you the impetus to make that move – and remember, you have Jupiter-Pluto energy to support your empowered expansion, too!

Reality check: Saturn (structure) along with Mars (action) in Capricorn are committed to methodical steps and being very cautious. Aries want to go and cautious Saturn/Mars says, “wait a minute, let me check…”

So you may feel internal conflict around making a move and when to do it (plus, Mercury is sitting still right now), so know what you know, consider your options, lean into something new as you act deliberately and thoughtfully. You are your life partner – do your best and get support if you need it. But know that you are going somewhere new!

Next… Chiron (the wound/Wounded Healer) leaves Pisces and enters Aries on Tues, April 17. Chiron in Pisces spoke to spiritual healing, whereas the new focus in Aries is strengthening your will and allowing yourself to act without seeking approval or permission from others. Chiron in Aries speaks to claiming your identity so you are clear about what you like, how you operate and what brings out the best in you. Yes to you, you, you!

Saturn (Great Teacher/Inner Guru) turns Retrograde on Tuesday, putting a hold on forward motion. It may feel like, Go-Stop! with the New Moon and Saturn Retrograde combo. For the next 4½ months you’ll be reviewing the steps you’ve taken since Jan 2018 to make any needed adjustments or course corrections.

The Sun moves into practical, earthy Taurus on Thurs night, offering us some much needed comfort and pleasure. Celebrate with a favorite meal, sensual surroundings or by indulging in nature; whatever works for you.

Use this week to get clear about your intentions and direction. And trust your intuition. As Wayne Dyer once said, “You were born a genius. Don’t let others de-genius you!”

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…



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