Mercury Direct – May 11, ’10

Mercury (communication, info) goes Direct on Tues, May 11th, but it won’t actually move forward for a few days. If you have any major purchases or actions to take, wait a few more days.

New information may come to light when Mercury goes Direct that will change your thoughts/feelings about a particular situation, so stay open and pay attention.

With the New Moon in Taurus on Thursday night ET, Friday May 14th is a good day to take action and be in the New Moon energy, so wait until then if possible for important actions.

We’ve been in Mercury Retrograde since April 18th, which indicates that in order to be most effective you were invited to clean up the past and get your life in order.  I hope that you have made or are making course corrections that will allow you to move forward with an upgraded perspective, info and structures. This is the invitation.

What have you learned – or what has been rearranged since mid-April when Mercury went Retrograde? The issues you’ve been going back over began around Easter, on April 4th, so think back to what was happening then.

The shifts you are experiencing are deeply internal and they should bring you into greater alignment with your Higher Self. How do you feel about yourself, your life, your direction? If you’re not clear that’s okay – you’re likely “in process,” but feeling the movement let’s you know that things are happening. Be patient and practice exquisite self-care during this time.

Although this Mercury Retrograde is ending, another one will be coming in August and it’s important that you understand how to prepare for it and how Mercury Rx (Retrograde) can be useful to you.

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Choose the Optimal Timing for Taking Actions!

Don’t be careless when it comes to taking actions in your life when it’s so easy to make CONSCIOUS choices! I can’t imagine missing this vital guidance when you are seeking a successful outcome for any important action in your life.

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Do your due diligence – not only during Mercury Retrograde, but always. You cannot be in your power if you are careless (this speaks to responsibility – and what a simple, inexpensive way to receive support!).


“Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, ‘More of this, please. More of this, please.'” ~ Abraham

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