Mercury & ALL Planets Direct ~ February 4, 2022

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Prepare to launch. We begin the week with Mercury Direct, just having changed direction and moving very slowly. The current backdrop is that ALL planets are now Direct until late April, so once Mercury gains speed in a week or so, the flow will increase. Don’t be premature by pushing before it’s time to move; trust your intuition to align with the rhythm of the Universe going forward. You can feel when things fall into place organically and that’s what you want.

The Sun-Saturn forces you to get real, handle details and be practical, as Mars-Jupiter motivates you to take action toward something meaningful. That’s the best use of this energy. A lower expression is feeling frustrated due to obstacles that seem to block your path. Patience please, All is in Divine Order, even when you think things should be moving faster.

This is a great time to integrate what you’ve experienced during Venus and Mercury Retrograde, as both planets have had significant contact with Pluto (transformation) – and Mercury will meet Pluto again on Feb 11, revealing more secrets, hidden info, disclosures or generating profound insights.

Make no mistake, your consciousness has been altered by the events of the past few months via these Retrogrades and now it’s time to see where you have landed. Where are you now and what do you want going forward? Check in with yourself and focus on reorienting (new info will be forthcoming now that Mercury’s Direct), planning, intention-setting, visioning or brainstorming – whatever feels right for you.

Mars squares Chiron on Feb 6, when you may experience an old a boundary issue or an experience of vulnerability where you felt violated or transgressed upon. Maybe you’re the one who is crossing the boundaries of another? In any event, this is an opportunity to wake up and take responsibility for correcting what is out of balance – either by setting boundaries or apologizing.

On Feb 8, Mars trines Uranus, creating excitement via innovative actions in order to break up stagnant energy to generate a fresh outcome. You may feel more alive and energetic than usual; Uranus is progressive, creating visionary products, alternative solutions, and shakes things up! After all, it is The Great Awakener, as radical change brings you into the present moment like nothing else!

If you’re inspired to try something new, this is a great day to get things moving; you may receive a call or meet someone who opens new doors for you. Expect movement – either internal, external or both. If you are in a rut, this energy can motivate you to break out and create space or excitement, so if you’re a super-routine type, take a walk on the wild side and do something different!

This is a week of reassessing your life and position in order to determine your direction for the coming months as you prepare to launch. Consider this week a reorientation – and give yourself the grace to acclimate to whatever needs your attention, especially YOU.

Don’t rush into anything based on fear, take actions when you feel aligned. There are many shifts to come that will color the landscape, so stay tuned and stay open. All planets will be Direct for the next (almost) three months, so there’s plenty of space for everything to unfold in just the right way.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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