May Day / Beltane – May 2021

We end April today with a twist – a Sun-Uranus conjunction, highlighting a radical change or the unexpected. Utilize this dynamic spark to shift stagnant energies that need a shakeup and remember that changes are an outpicturing of something within you crying out for freedom. Dare to embrace your uniqueness with radical appreciation and Self-love. There is no one here exactly like YOU, so let your light shine!

The opening weekend in May is imbued with harmonious energies. May 1 is Beltane – or May Day, the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice and a celebration of fertility with the Sun in Taurus. Smell flowers, walk on the earth and bless the return of spring and summer, which is on the way. This is a feel-good day, as the Moon trines the Sun, Venus and sextiles Neptune – the perfect day to plant seeds, literal and figurative, to feed your spirit. Enjoy!

Mercury trines Pluto on May 2, inviting you to focus on deep conversations, thoughts, details, plans, research, writing, creating or anything that requires intense focus for best results. You have the potential to accomplish major tasks in a thorough manner that will serve you well. Think productivity with precision. Use it or lose it :))

Also on May 2 Venus sextiles Neptune (its higher octave), inspiring artistic pursuits, romance, spiritual practices, heart-centered activities and anything that makes your heart sing. Venus is earthly love and creativity and Neptune is Divine love, compassion and Oneness. This reverent energy is perfect for social gatherings, celebrations, communion and connection. And if you’re solo, allow your imagination and intuition guide you forward. Soften and open.

We have a reality check on May 3, as Mercury squares Jupiter, pumping you up and getting you excited or inspired, perhaps over-committing or discovering you have more on your To Do list than time to get things done. Oops. Use the can-do Mercury-Jupiter energy to joyfully vision and choose where you’ll place your attention and watch the magic happen. Also, watch your words, as you may blurt out a truth or opinion that’s not really welcomed or helpful. 

Then the Sun and Uranus squares Saturn, with an unexpected obstacle, extra work or challenge that must be handled in order to proceed. It’s easy to be in reaction, but you can pivot, do the work (the next right thing) and decide not to let it bring you down. You may find that there are practical steps you must take in order to make something happen – or you have to wait. Maybe you have to rework your plan entirely. If this affects your outlook or timeline, adjust your expectations with patience and faith that All is in Divine Order. Resistance creates drama and pain, so keep going and trust what’s happening. 

Later on May 3, Mercury moves into its own sign of Gemini and it is zipping along! This is a great time for learning, growing, connecting, networking and creating, prior to the end of the month when we have a Lunar Eclipse (May 26) and Mercury turns Retrograde (May 29). Multi-tasking is the name of the game for active Gemini, where more info, social activities and communication is never too much! Think social butterfly or technology specialist, where exchanging info is like oxygen :))

Venus trines Pluto on May 6, bringing passion and intensity to a relationship, creative project or anything you desire, with the potential for being transformed via this interaction. Venus-Pluto implies intensity, a magnetic attraction or deep trust and vulnerability. It may activate a desire to invest $$ or focus on wealth creation.

Venus rules what you love and this is a good time to see how much of what you love is actually in your life. Sounds simple, but it’s amazing how willing we are to focus on what we think we have to do, at the expense of what we love. Focus on your healthy desires and create opportunities to experience them.

This is a powerful week for creating, movement, building and being flexible where changes are needed or are happening (even when it’s not your idea). Think flowers, fertility, planting seeds and spreading your wings. Oh – and if you’re thinking about buying tech equipment or making a major purchase, do it now or very soon…

“How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” ~ Trina Paulus

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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