Mars Retrograde in Scorpio – May 27, ’16

cosmic moon viewYou can definitely feel Mercury’s Direct motion during the past week, as information and activity has begun to flow in, more quickly than I expected. What a relief! The experience of Mercury AND Mars Retrograde for late April and most of May was quite a test of faith, inviting soul searching to review where you are going and why.

The next big wave of energy we experience begins today, with Mars (action, will) Retrograding back into Scorpio until Aug 2nd. Mars will be retracing the path it traveled from mid-Feb through the first week of March ’16, so look back to what was happening then. You are being offered the opportunity for a “do-over” or an upgrade. What were you dealing with then?

Mars loves being in Scorpio, as it can take action that is very focused and intentional, with a force of will that is relentless. Scorpio is the sign of power, control, covert action, and it never gives up, and when you align your actions with this energy, you will be fully committed to the cause, so choose consciously…

If you have planets in late Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn or Virgo you will receive support from Retrograde Mars as he backs up to 23º Scorpio.

If you have planets in late Leo, Aquarius or Taurus, Mars can activate the impulse to overdo it – being pushy, impatient, reactive or wanting to attack/fight back. If you feel edgy or irritable, be extra gentle with yourself and step back so you don’t do something you’ll be sorry for later.

Mars can be very helpful or incite reaction, but it is always a catalyst for action. Use it mindfully, use it well, for the Highest Good :))

Scorpio is deep and rules everything that’s hidden, so don’t be surprised if you discover suppressed/repressed feelings, information that was secret (within you or from you), or you may even discover hidden talents that you never knew you had. I love that!

Mars in Scorpio is ultra-passionate, whether it’s about a topic, a cause or a connection with another person. You get my drift?! It’s an “all-in” energy, so again, make sure you really want to do that thing before taking action…

And Mars IS still Retrograde, so you are course correcting, exploring, creating behind the scenes and rebuilding old shaky structures. July is the month when life will open up again and you’ll be ready to launch something new.

Just think, this energy may provide the impetus you need to make a move requiring courage and strength that you didn’t feel before. Maybe it will be that extra oomph you need. Use it well. ♥

**** We still have MAJOR Moon Void of Course periods this week***, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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