Mars Retrograde, Full Moon in Capricorn – June 2018

Major events take place this week with the Sun in sensitive Cancer, sign of home (your nest), family, tradition, your lineage, feelings, needs and nurturing. Your personal life. This is a time to focus on taking extra good care of yourself and those you love.

This weekend the Sun squares Chiron, bringing up collective areas of vulnerability as well as solutions that hadn’t been considered before. It may be time to change the way you see or express yourself, allowing your true Light to shine.

Also this weekend, Pluto (power) opposes Mercury (mind), going deep into your mind, revealing non-working patterns or ideas that limit your life. It’s time for restructuring anything unwanted – and it always begins with your thinking!

On Tues, Mars (action, will) turns Retrograde for two months, going back over territory you’ve already traveled, showing you areas that require review and revision. If you try to move  forward with new projects during this time, you are likely to face a wall of resistance or a series of problems.

The guidance is to work on things already in process – and be willing to reconsider old ideas and ways of operating wherever called for. It will serve you well…

Mars is in Aquarius, the rule-breaker. It wants to do something different, unique, innovative or just independent. So give this “Free Spirit” Mars permission to go outside the box whenever possible to express its creative genius.

Late Wed/early Thurs we have a Full Moon in Capricorn with heavy Saturn on the Moon opposing the Sun. Watch for endings and things coming to light, which is commonplace on a Full Moon.

You may encounter a challenge or obstacle that requires focused work to resolve it. You may feel pessimistic or face negative attitudes in yourself or others.

If you feel down, your work is to discern what your needs are – and then find a way to get your needs met. Sounds simple, but it’s life-changing. The trick is feeling into what’s missing within you. That’s where I can help. Finding the missing piece is my specialty :))

Also, Saturn (and Capricorn) represents your beliefs about Authority, your own Inner Authority, and work. How you hold it, how you do it. Is work a 4-letter word, or is it enjoyable? Do you make everything hard or do you know how to lighten up and create an easier way? Good for a check in…

Get any last-minute new starts in before Mars turns around on Tuesday – and decide that you are going to use this summer of Retrogrades and Eclipses to shake up and refine your life so it better fits you.

We can all use it. We have to grow, so get in the game for your benefit and to contribute your gifts to the world.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…



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