Mars in Gemini / Sun in Virgo / Uranus Retrograde – August 2022

We go into another week of energetic shifts that will be palpable in the form of movement, as Mars (action and will) shifts from plodding Taurus into nimble Gemini on Aug 20 – for seven months! Yes. That’s due to a Mars Retrograde that will occur from Oct 30-April 12, that keeps Mars in Gemini thru April 25, 2023. 

Mars in Gemini stimulates actions re: communications, info, education, networking, community, local travel and new areas of development, exploration and expression to carry you forward. However, due to the coming Retrograde, know that it won’t likely be a direct path ahead, rather, there will be course corrections involved that drag out the process and even take you in new directions. The guidance is to adjust your expectations to avoid frustration (as if you know best!) and to align with the wisdom of the universe, as it moves you along.

On Aug 21 Mercury opposes Neptune, good for leisure, spiritual practices and creative pursuits and enjoyment. Quiet the mind, rise an octave higher or go within and allow “yin” energy to feed your spirit. Give your busy mind a day off – and avoid making big decisions today. If you have to, use your intuition or wait until tomorrow when the planets will be in your favor.

Also, FYI – today Mercury moves into its shadow period, pre-Retrograde. Know that from now until Sept 9, this is the territory you’ll be retracing when Mercury turns Retrograde from Sept 9-Oct 2. 

On Aug 22 Mercury trines Pluto, giving you CSI mental energy for detective work, detailed analysis, gathering info and informed decision-making (yes, even in Mercury’s shadow). The Sun then moves into Virgo, ready to organize your life and clear what’s not useful, with a critical eye and focused attention on practical matters. Let the list-making begin and enjoy simplifying for a zen life, space and greater peace.

Uranus turns Retrograde on Aug 24, which may show up in the world as a dramatic event. Uranus has been at 18º Taurus since early July, so if this touches you personally, you have probably already experienced changes – and in the world, we’ve seen lots of dramatic events, especially lately.  Also, Uranus rules technology, so be prepared for tech mixups, snafus, breakdowns or whatever else pops up unexpectedly. Not fun, but try to keep your cool…

Uranus Retrograde invites you to integrate the changes in your life and in the world in your inner Being. Think about how much ongoing adjustment is required to adapt to our ever-changing world, just to be able to function on a daily basis. This is no small feat – and it’s a good time for a check-in on your inner circuitry, meaning, how is your nervous system? How do you handle the changes that have occurred for and around you?

The more you can align with changes to incorporate them into your life, the better – especially if you direct the energy toward what you want to create for yourself. That’s why I love the personal focus. It’s not selfish; it’s choosing to be in your Highest Good for the Greater Good. Uranus can activate swift movement, with no heavy lifting required – fast, easy, instant. Even when things seem to fall apart, Uranus only takes what is no longer useful for your growth and evolution, so the universe is doing for you what you can’t (won’t) do for your Self. Regroup and center yourself.

Mercury enters Libra Aug 25-Sept 23, when it Retrogrades into Virgo thru Oct 9. With Mercury in Libra, conversations are diplomatic, mediation is possible, and maybe even a win-win. These are best case scenarios, of course. I think of the Senate that just passed legislation with bipartisan support that made it possible, against all odds. Not by much, but it happened. Shocking Uranian energy? Anyway, Mercury in Libra offers a possibility of negotiations that are strategic, balanced and fruitful. 

Last chance to make large purchases, tech needs or car servicing before Mercury enters its shadow on Aug 21, preparing for Mercury Retrograde on Sept 9-Oct 2, where it will backtrack during the Retro. Click on the link for your free report.

Your flexibility and willingness to be future-oriented will serve you well. Whether you have a vision for where you’re going or not, openness, faith and optimism is the key. A new world is being generated and you have a role to play in it. Feel into what that might be, and know that your presence is important!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.


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