Mars in Aries leads the next wave – June 26, 2020


Setting the stage – Venus Direct with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, with issues around communication and info. 

We have another week of game-changing aspects and changes that lead us into the third (and final) Eclipse of the season – a Lunar Eclipse on July 4 @ 9:44pm PDT. Because it’s Eclipse season, we’re still in a wormhole (a short tunnel between two radically different realities) in which anything can happen, so be flexible, mindful and easy does it…

Venus is Direct, inviting you to integrate all that you learned about your values (what you value and how you value yourself), love, $$, relationships and creativity, since May 13. You likely experienced significant changes in these areas during the shutdown and it serves you to be conscious of what they are. This is your opportunity for personal evolution… 

June 26 is the final day of Mars in tender Pisces, which squares the Nodes of Fate (South Node = past, North Node = Destiny). Will you retreat to your old familiar world or proceed in some new way? You don’t have to do/know anything specific yet, but your intention and attitude will call you forward or pull you back. The willingness to explore is the North Node in Gemini – curiosity, connections, conversations and education. 

There’s a dramatic shift on June 27 when Mars leaves sensitive Pisces and enters its own sign of fiery Aries, where it stays until Jan 2021! Mars in Aries goes after what it wants in the most direct ways; the shortest distance from Point A to Point B. Mars rules Aries and it expresses itself freely here, with no restraint, no need for permission or approval. 

Get out of the way, here comes independent Mars in Aries! It’s great for getting things done, for sales, or taking actions – this is a planet/sign combo of DOING to make things happen. High energy, fiery, fast and first, enthusiastic and Self-directed. 

With Mars in Aries, you feel motivated to take action – and you be on fire! Go, go, go! On June 28, Mars sextiles ambitious Saturn, which supports actions that create lasting results – or methodical actions to build something. Mars-Saturn isn’t glamorous or flashy, but very effective for practical, grounded actions that create something real. 

We have Jupiter conjunct Pluto again on June 29 (first time April 4), with various potential outcomes, depending on the integrity and intention of who/what is involved. Pluto rules power and $$, intense, relentless drive – and Jupiter blows it up exponentially. A best-case scenario: tremendous $$ and power is utilized for the Greater Good or lower expression: ruthless actions designed to oppress, dominate and/or control others. This will likely play out on the world stage.

On a personal level, you can use this energy to transform beliefs that no longer serve you. You can rise above old wounds that limit your empowerment (the ability to create what you want). You can access your gifts on new levels that raise your vibration and increase your influence, drive and impact in your life – and the world. This is a super-power energy – and it’s the second meeting of three, with the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on Nov 12. 

With the second meeting of Jupiter-Pluto, we’re in the middle of a collective story – and you are in the middle of a personal journey as well. I invite you to explore where you feel powerful in your life – and where you feel powerless. This is a fruitful time to explore the beliefs or circumstances are that are keeping you down and examine what you can change, drop, shift, embrace or increase that will serve you. A new attitude and perspective, along with actions goes a long way towards changing your life! 

On June 30 Mercury conjuncts the Sun, which offers the opportunity for new info and a break in the intensity of this Mercury Retrograde (fingers crossed!). Stay open to signs, intuitive hits and real-time info that is helpful for your journey forward through the Eclipse wormhole.

Also on June 30 Mercury sextiles Uranus, stimulating genius and your Higher Mind, urging you to think (and see) outside the box for solutions, ideas, and allow for breakthroughs in consciousness. By the way, the “box” is your old programming – and you can leave it behind, whenever you’re ready. 

This is the second Mercury-Uranus conjunction (first was June 5 Lunar Eclipse, the third is July 22), so again, you are in the midst of a journey re: your awareness, ideas, direction, interests, connections. What is going on for you – are you ready for something new? Uranus is like lubricant; it allows your mind to travel to its outer limits, beyond the usual!

Radical shifts in thinking, learning or connecting can redirect your focus and life in a heartbeat. Alternate realities wait to be discovered when you focus on various possibilities that are always present. Open your mind and tune in to the opportunities that are in your space and trust yourself when you are attracted to something, as long as it feels right for you.

The Sun sextiles Uranus on July 1, which indicates a breakthrough or creative change. Think of life like a kaleidoscope; with each subsequent turn you get a unique picture, which activates a whole new experience. Enjoy!

Finally, Saturn (Authority) Retrogrades back into Capricorn (its sign) until Dec 17. Saturn has been in progressive Aquarius since March 21, giving us some relief from the heaviness we’ve felt from the Pluto/Saturn shutdown energy from Jan 2020 until late March. This is Saturn’s final pass through Capricorn where rules and regulations will be highlighted, as financial support for those collecting unemployment and PPP programs ends and other obstacles may appear. Stay tuned.

We are leading up to a third Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4/5 (depending on your location) and there’s a lot going on this week. Opportunities will be available for creating – and my guidance is: don’t push. Mars in Aries will be hot to trot, but you can get into trouble if impulsiveness or frustration is your driver. Follow your intuition and inner guidance re: what threads to follow and when to act. Get support if you’re unclear and enjoy the stimulating energy if/when you feel it.

You may have an inkling of where you want to go next – or not. There is no right way to proceed, as long as you honor yourself and your needs. We are still in a whopper of a Mercury Retrograde, so be mindful of major purchases, commitments and business dealings that can’t be undone – and in general, easy does it. Trust yourself, follow your inner guidance and easy does it.

We’re living in amazing times when the impossible can (and likely will!) become possible. All the outer confusion and chaos invites you to go within for peace, creativity and connection with your Higher Self – and to remember that you have a purpose for being here now. 

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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