Mars Direct / New Moon in Scorpio – Nov 2020

This week highlights power dynamics, as we experience the best and the worst of human nature. The energetic volume is on high, with unrelenting tension and discord in the air, as Mars (warrior) turns Direct today after being Retrograde since Sept 9.

When a planet Stations (stops to change direction), its power is amplified, which turns up the heat even more – and following yesterday’s third Pluto-Jupiter combo, you can see a range of actions, from empowering breakthroughs to greedy power grabs.

Pluto (power) and Jupiter (expansion) can be used to serve the Greater Good or they can serve selfish, hidden agendas. The determining factors between the higher and lower expressions of the energy are the motives behind the scenes and integrity (or lack thereof). Pluto-Jupiter can also indicate the third wave of covid spikes that are happening across the country and the world.

Although Mars turns Direct today, it will barely move all month, so there’s potential frustration possible if you have plans that you can’t implement yet. Covid restrictions are a perfect example of Mars (action) still not being able to move freely – and Mars doesn’t like that.

Use this Mars Direct energy to do what you can to activate your new path after our 2020 Full Stop and reorientation.This year forced a shutdown in which you came face to face with your Self and your life. Whatever was/is calling for change, this is the time to make those changes. Or at the least, to begin…

The Sun aspects two planets on Nov 14 prior to the New Moon – first, it aspects Pluto, offering you the opportunity to go within and feel what needs attention. What do you want (need) to release, drop, explore, change or create? If you’ve given up your power, this is a time to get real and take steps to recover it – and learn to trust your Self. Sometimes, it’s a simple as setting a boundary around needing others’ approval, permission or agreement. You decide!

Also, the Sun aspects Jupiter, allowing for inspiration and seeing a bigger picture, rather than just the details of any circumstance. Jupiter speaks to high ideals and social causes. What is truly meaningful to you? This is energy that can call you forward and guide you toward your purpose, the expression of which is always being redefined as you grow.

The New Moon in Scorpio on Nov 14 @ 9:07pm PT – just after midnight ET on Nov 15. This is a new beginning around anything you are ready to transform, release, complete or let go of in order to create space for a rebirth – a higher, more authentic expression of who you are becoming, as opposed to who you have been in the past. Consider this an evolutionary upgrade in the spiral of life, as you proceed with greater wisdom, clarity and intention.

Either you know what you want to create – or you have a sense of something you desire (peace, connection, purpose, meaning). Whether your intention is specific or more general (nonlinear), it all counts, as you are declaring your focus to your Self and energetically out into the world. 

Quantum physics tells us that what you place your attention on expands, so place it on what you want – and then AFTER the New Moon, take an action toward your vision. Dream DO come true (I know), and they have their own timeline, based on your readiness and a metaphysical process.

Nov 15 bring Venus square Pluto, indicating a trust issue, a betrayal or something that feels like a violation re: you, your money, a project or a relationship. If a personal situation occurs for you, the first step is to get the facts – and what you learn may be hard to hear if you discover a reality you weren’t aware of. Depending on the situation, it can either create a reset – or an ending. Collectively, this would be more of the same, likely secret info re: $$ being revealed that changes the picture.

Venus squares Jupiter on Nov 16, which can exaggerate desires and have you wanting more, more, more – but overall, it’s a positive energy of indulgence, generosity and joyful celebration (desires and bounty). This is a great time to practice receiving, asking for a favor or showing your love (spoil someone today!). Enjoy!

Mercury opposes Uranus again on Nov 17, which can bring unexpected info that illuminates your path or gives you direction. This can be innovative or shocking, so be flexible and open-minded if radical data crosses your radar. This may relate to what was happening on Oct 7, giving you the next step or guidance related to a particular topic. Take good care of your nervous system, as the news may stress you out. Easy does it…

On Nov 19, the Sun trines Saturn, offering stability, support and structure – and Venus square Saturn. When Venus squares Saturn, you may feel unappreciated, unseen or unimportant in some instance or relationship. Your desires may not seem important to others, especially to your significant other. 

You may have a $$ issue, which can be temporary or a major expense – or you hit an obstacle in a creative project. It’s a one day transit, but the danger is what you tell yourself about your Self in any low moment – unless it’s kind and loving, it’s not true. Be nice to yourself and go where it’s warm.

What a week! Lots of activity and intensity. Ultra self-care is of the utmost importance, especially for you sensitive ones who feel the collective energy. Do all you can to focus on your well being and empowerment, as there’s something you are being called to develop or create on this New Moon in Scorpio.

We are in the Pluto Return, which will last for several more years and the transformation of the world is beyond we can imagine. However, you came to be part of this experience – and to participate as the change you want to see in the world, so do your best to be the Light.

As always, I’m grateful for your presence on our path together. xo

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