Mars Direct – May 19, ’14



Mars, planet of action and will is stationing, preparing to turn Direct on Tuesday, May 20th after being Retrograde since March 1st.

This sounds good, but the experience may feel like a test – a test of your patience, faith, commitment and to staying focused on the positive.

Don’t allow yourself to slip into fear or discouragement, because when you lower your vibration, you will attract or create exactly what you don’t want!

Keep your vibration high by connecting to your vision and seeing everything from a Higher Self perspective. Find meaning in the all the experiences you have and appreciate your blessings (and your lessons – if you get them, they help you grow!).

A blocked Mars can manifest as edginess, frustration, irritability, pushiness and other expressions of aggression and anger, so extra good care will serve you during this time. Channel your drive into self-nurturing, physical exercise and productive activities.

Mercury turns Retrograde on June 7th, so that leaves a brief time to take actions for new projects after Mars goes Direct. It’s a little tricky, like threading a needle to align your actions with the window that falls between Mars Direct and Mercury Retrograde. Mars has to get up to speed and Mercury will be slowing down in order to stop and turn around, so

We’ve been in a powerful time of realigning for a while: integrating patterns, eliminating outdated energies and making new choices.

Take time (while Mars is still) to get clear about where you’re going and what your intention is for yourself on this next part of your journey. Be willing to re-evaluate decisions and plans to see if you are still aligned with the direction you chose earlier for yourself.

I wish you peace, possibilities, passion and purpose as you align with your Higher Self, your heart, and your mission.

Watch for major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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