Mars Goes Direct – March 10, ’10

Runners take your marks, start your engines, forward… March!!  The day is finally here – Mars (planet of action/will/how we get what we want) is going Direct after a long retrograde cycle.  

Everything will begin to move more easily, so get ready for action, as this is the cosmic “green light” for projects that have been stalled or that you’ve been planning.  

You may find you have a burst of new energy that is hot to trot, ready to go and is tired of waiting for things to happen.  Be conscious of maintaining balance along with your unbridled enthusiasm (if that’s you), so that you stay conscious and grounded.  

Mars is in Leo, which is all about creativity and self-expression, children, play, romance and enterprise. Express your authentic self and let your spirit sing!  

If you see displays of anger, aggression or rage, this is misdirected Mars energy. Constructive outlets, such as physical activity are great releases for an excess of Martian energy. Choose consciously where you direct your energy (it’s your job, remember?!).  

In just a few days we’ll experience Daylight Savings Time, then the New Moon in Pisces, and at the end of next week we have the Spring Equinox.  

Upcoming astro events:  

Wed, March 10th – Mars Stations Direct   

Sun, March 14th – Daylight Savings Time begins  

Mon, March 15th – New Moon in Pisces  

Sat, March 20th – The Spring Equinox, The Sun enters Aries  

Enjoy your “All Access Pass” to the abundant energy that is available to you in the coming days. Keep the big picture in mind as you create and take actions from your most empowered, visionary Self!  Go ahead, it’s a good thing to feel frisky 

“Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.” ~ Satchel Paige

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