Lunar SuperMoon Eclipse in Leo – Jan 31, 2018

We are leading up to a dynamic Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Wed, Jan 31st, which is also a SuperMoon (close to the earth, magnifying it’s power). It’s also the 2nd Full Moon in January, making it a Blue Moon. A Lunar Eclipse is Full Moon on steroids – profound endings and completions that create a whole new direction when it’s personal for you.

The Lunar Eclipse is @ 11º Leo on Wed, Jan 31st @ 8:27am EST.

And even if the Eclipse doesn’t hit your planets or angles, it’s affecting someone you know and the collective, so there’s always an impact. Look for life-changing events and/or dramatic endings. This is not to be feared, rather, it is an expression of the mystery of life and fate.

Eclipses are very much about fated events, which reminds us that our free will only goes so far in determining our path and future. I don’t know how much of life is determined by fate and how much is free will. But I do know that it’s more empowering to be proactive, in alignment with your intuition and inner guidance rather than being passive on auto-pilot, waiting for things to happen.

This Lunar Eclipse is in Leo, which is about your leadership, essence and creative expression. Do you dare to allow yourself to be seen and offer your gifts to the world? How do you stay in hiding (trying to look good and fit in), rather than allowing the fullness of You to be visible? Or stay detached rather than getting personal? The Eclipse may highlight some of these themes for you.

All planets are still in Direct motion, supporting movement and creation. Mars (action) goes from intense Scorpio into idealistic Sagittarius today, inviting you to leave your zip code (literally and figuratively) and expand into new possibilities! Seek new pathways and experiences with this fiery, optimistic energy of inspiration and high vibration. Exhilarating.

Use the week to expand in harmony with current events and open to gifts and revelations that appear for you. Be flexible and know that the Universe is conspiring for your Highest Good, even when you don’t know what’s happening (the big picture).

Embrace the future with love, grace, tenacity.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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