Lunar & Solar Eclipses – Summer ’10

If the intensity has been at level 10 for you recently, it may go up a notch to 11. This is the path of evolution and if you are conscious, you are awakening to a higher vibration with each step you take.

The Eclipses are here and they can generate dramatic events and changes that you never saw coming, but you don’t have to let them rock your world. Stand in your power, be courageous and rock your own world!

We’re in the midst of a Grand Cardinal Cross, which requires that you operate from your highest vision when you’re confronted with challenges or stressful situations and keep the focus on what you want to create. Using that as a focal point can be a steadying influence during times of uncertainty.

The Lunar Eclipse on Sat, June 26th at 7:30am ET is part of the Grand Cross and is in the sign of Capricorn, which rules your authority, your professional life, commitments, responsibility and structures.

Lunar Eclipses are about endings and I encourage you to be proactive and work WITH the energy rather than letting the energy work on you while you remain passive. Release your attachment to non-working patterns, clear, delegate and move on wherever called for. If it feels too scary to make a move, reach out and ask for help – there’s so much available.

It’s time to get real, be disciplined and take responsibility for what’s not working in your life. That old story you tell about why you are like this, can’t do that, what “they” did  to you, has got to go. Your attachment to that story has you imprisoned and it’s time for a hostage release! Step into your authority and trust your Self.

The Solar Eclipse on Sun, July 11th at 3:40pm ET is a New Moon in Cancer that rules home, family, security and your emotional needs. Your emotional needs are primal and non-negotiable. If your needs are not being met you are probably not a happy camper! The Solar Eclipse is about new beginnings, so this is the time to examine your emotional needs, domestic and personal life and make any needed corrections.

Cancer brings up quality of life issues and whatever is out of alignment will be up for review and restructuring. Pluto on the Moon opposing the Sun can bring ego issues and power struggles.

Uranus/Jupiter in Aries opposing Saturn can bring up repressed energies and some people will act out like you can’t believe! You’ll wonder, “What was that?!!” Still others will come from their Higher Selves and will surprise you by taking the high road when you least expect it. Remember, you always have a choice in how you respond to any experience.

It’s so easy to be triggered around issues of security, especially when the unexpected occur. If you knew that you had the power to create at will, wouldn’t that give you a sense of security? Instead of projecting outward and trying to control your environment or fearing what may happen, focus on your creations! Please know that chaos or disruption isn’t mandatory during an Eclipse, but if you have that experience, practice impeccable self-care.

You may take a sideways step into a new reality where you feel different and all your familiar reference points have been shifted. You may not recognize yourself or where you are, but don’t be frightened and go into reaction – you’ve just arrived in a new country where you don’t speak the language yet (cool…)! Allow yourself the space to integrate any new energies that arrive in or around you.

Faith that all is in Divine order and the intention to do whatever it takes to be who you came here to be will carry you during times of change. You are a Lightworker who came to help evolve humanity at this time and regardless of what your shadow may tell you at times, you are the essence of pure goodness.

Recommit to your path and your Higher Self’s journey – the company is excellent!

I wish you all so much love and tenderness during this sacred time of evolution personally and collectively.

“When you take a quantum leap you ride the situation, but you don’t really control it all that much.” ~ Price Pritchett

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