Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – June 5, 2020

We have a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius today at 3:12pm EDT – the culmination of the energy we’ve been in for the past weeks. Dramatic. Shocking. Unnatural. Those words describe Eclipses and this one contains them all – and we have two more ahead: a Solar Eclipse on June 21 and a Lunar Eclipse on July 5.

Mars and Neptune are squaring the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius on this Lunar Eclipse. Mars (warrior) in a square to the already heightened energy of an Eclipse, bumps the energy up to turbo levels, like a volcano erupting.

Neptune creates confusion, deception, martyrdom, victimhood and despair in a square to the Eclipse. With Mars and all the pent-up energy that had to blow, this is the latest layer of what we are experiencing. This energy can also turn inward into depression or malaise, as life feels too hard and you feel soul weary. Self-care and space is imperative under these conditions.

The Moon and South Node in Sagittarius challenges you to release your attachment to seeing life one way (the right way?) and becoming open to examining your beliefs and other points of view on a variety of topics. You may learn something you didn’t know – and the North Node is in Gemini (curious, many ideas) for the next 18 months, so this is the path forward.

Intolerance, self-righteousness and judgment keeps you (and us) locked in viewpoints that can’t see other perspective. When divided people won’t open to new ideas, there is no hope for reconciliation or change.

On a personal level, look for what’s no longer working in your life. Something may leave or end – or maybe you have to make a change yourself, but endings and completions are in the mix. And in general, this is the most unstable and unpredictable time ever, so do the next right thing one day at a time and take care of yourself and others.

In getting other viewpoints from my community of metaphysical friends and colleagues, it’s been very expanding to hear ideas and then run them through my own filter. I suggest you do the same. Open to new ideas and then run them through what makes sense or feels right for you.

Another expression of Sagittarius (South Node) is eternal optimism, thinking that everything will work out. Although this attitude is empowering when utilized along with doing the work, just thinking, “we’re transforming and love will heal everything,” can be magical thinking.

Magical thinking is when you use ideas naming an outcome, while ignoring or resisting the work needed to get there. I just want to mention this because I see this, too – by those who avoid the shadow side that has to be confronted in order to heal. Vulnerability is part of going into the dark – and here we are as a country, so keep your optimism, just please be willing to do your work.

Reminder: Mercury turns Retrograde June 17-July 12, with Venus Retrograde thru June 25. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are Retrograde, Neptune Retrogrades on June 22. There’s a lot of energy backing up – and moving forward is slow going and an intuitive process, if at all right now.

The sun squares Neptune on June 11, which just adds to confusion, grief and deception. Great for spiritual or creative pursuits, but facts and details, no.

Find the best ways to stay inspired, engaged and check in with yourself about all that’s going on, what it means for you and what you can do to help.

Take good care no matter what. Compassion, empathy, releasing and slowing everything down.

If you believe you chose to be here now, why do you think that is? You showed up for the revolution. Food for thought…

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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