Lunar Eclipse in Libra – April 3, 2015

Blossom explosion

We have dynamic, unpredictable energies again this week, so prepare for a ride – and decide to make it a good one!

The Lunar Eclipse on the Aries-Libra axis tomorrow morning has a particularly potent effect, as it aspects the sensitive Uranus-Pluto square of March 16th. Watch for breakdowns and breakthroughs as life is restructured, personally and collectively. 

Libra rules relationships, balance, harmony, peace and love. Can you be your Authentic Self (Aries) in relationship, or do you sacrifice, manipulate or dominate? Interesting piece to explore and healing any imbalance/dysfunctional behavior in this arena will change your life!

Most people have an “Eclipse story” – a game-changer that either occurs around the Solar Eclipse or the Lunar Eclipse. Or both. What is your Eclipse story?

Eclipses can clear things out of your life or open things up. Uncertainty can trigger stress and reactive behaviors that are counterproductive, so gentle, exquisite self-care is recommended at this time. The kiss of death is trying to maintain the status quo by clinging to old ways/structures that are no longer relevant. 

The Pluto-Uranus energy continues this week as the Sun squares Pluto on Sunday and conjuncts Uranus on Monday. Watch for power plays/struggles, unexpected reversals or sudden anything in which you feel blindsided. 

Or you may be the one initiating the breakthroughs and the changes. The clearing and restructuring will continue, one way or the other, so don’t be afraid of it. Embrace the changes, as they will serve you.

Easy does it… and be willing to allow a new story to unfold going forward. Where are you being called? Be brave and daring enough to focus on your future, rather than dragging the past along with you. Appreciate it and move on.

Speaking of moving forward – happy, lucky, expansive Jupiter turns to go Direct on Wed, April 8th. What a great day (the beginning of my Ask for What You Want class ! :))

Jupiter brings abundance, expansion, confidence and optimism with a “big picture” vision. This energy can give you a boost, allowing you to move in ways that you may have been too afraid to try before. I love this energy! 

Jupiter generates bold actions and inspired creations, allowing you to reevaluate your beliefs so they reflect who you are becoming, rather than who you’ve been. From this place, possibilities abound!

Expect the best and take responsibility for all that you are experiencing – and for what you want in your life. The best way through is to be intentional, open and flexible, welcoming new opportunities as they appear, determined to live your best life!

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