Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Aug 2017

We are in for a ride this month! Ground, center and trust that any shakeups you experience are doing for you what you won’t/can’t do for yourself. That’s my empowerment position. For me, for you, for us all.

Revolutionary Uranus (genius, change) turned Retrograde yesterday, disrupting certainty (and maybe technology) if you were hoping for the status quo – or forcing you to deal with something if need be.

A shakeup isn’t necessarily a negative – it just indicates unexpected changes, which can wake you out of an autopilot slumber, forcing you to re-engage in a whole new way. Awake. That’s Uranus’ job – to awaken you to a present moment reality. Avoid reaction. Ground, then decide.

Today expansive Jupiter squares powerful Pluto, which can manifest as covert strategies, power plays, domination, manipulation, or going to extremes – and can activate lower energies (square = conflict, tension).

Or you can embody the higher expressions of Jupiter-Pluto that create magnetism, empowerment, faith and confidence required to reach for greater challenges or goals, and achievements that require extra strength.

The piece that determines what you get (karma) – is integrity re: the way you use your power. Lower expressions may give you immediate gratification, but you will ultimately pay for it, so resist the temptation to manipulate, dominate, steal power or gaslight others in order to get your way.

All weekend the energy is building as we approach the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius on Monday, Aug 7 @ 2:11pm. Easy does it on the weekend, as we are already in unstable territory from Uranus Retro and the Jupiter-Pluto square. Full Moons are about endings, completions and the culmination of things, where something comes to light.

A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon on steroids – a major clearing and sacred turned point, wiping out something dramatic that needs to go. If it hits a point in your chart, you will know it. Even if it doesn’t affect you personally, it will affect your world and others you know, so you experience it indirectly. Stay tuned… if you have planets near 15º Aquarius this is for you. Think of wiping a slate clean – or it can be the beginning of an ending.

Please remember NOT to judge an Eclipse as bad or good, because you don’t know the big picture yet. Your job is to stay in your center each day and it always helps to have a direction and a destination as you move forward. It’s a good way to focus your attention, rather than react to the instability and craziness in the world. The better you feel, the better you can navigate in your life and the world. Self care matters.

Finally, we’re 8 days from Mercury Retrograde so back up your info and get ready now. Think of life as a snow globe, with shakeups and flakes settling and re-settling. There will be a lot of newness.

Use this dynamic energy for inspiration and upgrades that align with your integrity, purpose and Higher Self.

Namaste  – dream BIG and make a move!

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