Lunar Eclipse Aug 5 ’09

Eclipse 1.1

The Lunar Eclipse on Wed, Aug 5th at 5:55pm PT ~ 8:55pm ET completes the trio of eclipses that began on July 7th. Notice what’s coming in and what’s leaving your life – whether you feel like you’re being led or you’re consciously creating, be willing to expand into the new. If you know what needs to change, be proactive and let go because holding on will only create more stress and pain. You know what they say, “Let go or be dragged!”
If you’ve experienced a radical shift, you may not feel as if you have fully landed yet. It can be disorienting when you release old behaviors, beliefs, relationships, patterns or structures as you enter into the void of the unknown.
Courage is required to proceed in new ways and it’s important to treat yourself gently, with impeccable self-care while moving through the new landscape. If you experience a physical issue it may be a reflection of fear/anxiety related to expansion or you may be clearing some long-held energy that has come up to be seen, healed, released, or integrated. Alternative energetic practices are helpful, ranging from yoga to energy healing to breakthwork. If you need help, ask a trusted advisor for guidance.
If you feel yourself losing energy and feeling depressed, disconnected or paralyzed, investigate the beliefs that are interfering with your joy and self-expression. Are you willing to release your attachment to suffering? Believe it or not, suffering can be created unconsciously so that you don’t have to risk showing up on a greater level. Consciousness work that targets limiting/false beliefs can create dramatic shifts that release you from being held hostage internally. All beliefs are up for review now – what needs to go?
“We do not create every circumstance we experience, but we do create our experience of every circumstance we are in. We all have a response-ability.” ~ Mary Manin Morrissey
Regardless of circumstances, have faith that all is in Divine order and that the invitation with this Eclipse and this time overall is to live from Spirit. Identification with your personality (small self), living in fear, lack, or judgment, hiding behind an image or mask with limiting beliefs keeps you imprisoned. Go within – what does your Spirit want? It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and courageously expand toward your greater purpose.

Detach from your preconceived notions about how you thought life would be. Be “in the question” and practice curiosity rather than thinking you already know the answer. Open to messages from the Universe and dare to step out of the box in order to create a more authentic life. Living in authenticity – being who you came here to be – is your true contribution to the greater good!
“The problems in your life cannot be solved unless you’re resolved to evolve.” ~ Rev. Michael Beckwith

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