Lions Gate Portal / Full Moon in Aquarius – August 2022

For the next few months Saturn (security, tradition) and Uranus (change, rebellion) will square each other, as you feel the pull from the past and the future – and the Full SuperMoon this week will highlight these ongoing “labor pains” that continue to midwife the New Earth.

On Aug 7, we begin the day in the dreamy Venus trine Neptune creative, spiritual flow of bliss and Divine Love, perfect for romance, communing with nature, loved ones, animals and art. By mid-day (PDT), Mars squares Saturn and you may be faced with a reality check or some frustration. Plan your day accordingly and handle anything challenging methodically, with patience. 

The annual Lion’s Gate portal peaks on Aug 8, as higher frequencies are available that allow you to evolve, heal, integrate and connect to your Spirit with greater access and less resistance. Attune to higher realms, be in solitude, connect with your Higher Self and trust the messages you receive during this sacred passage. 

Self-doubt is the mental block that interferes most often with awakening and fully embracing spiritual empowerment. The antidote? When you get an intuitive “hit” or message, just trust it. Consider this a science experiment until you get the hang of it and see what happens…

Also on Aug 8, the Sun trines Chiron, the potential for compassionate healing or further development of your spiritual gifts. Beautiful timing. Breathe it in, drink it in, mantra: “I am open to receive.”

The Lion’s Gate is followed by an intense opposition from Venus and Pluto that you’ll feel all night into Aug 9, that indicates a power struggle or challenge to your desires/values. Could have to do with intimacy, $$, unconscious triggers, but it will show you what (if anything) needs attention if a situation arises that ruffles your feathers. Pluto rules what’s hidden and activates your most vulnerable areas. Good for shadow work, healing, breakthroughs, honesty (the antidote for drama), and deep connections.

We close the week on Aug 11 with a mix of aspects on a Full SuperMoon (very close to the Earth, so extra-potent). First, the Sun squares erratic Uranus, shaking things up, creating stress and edgy nervous systems, sudden jolts or blindsides early in the day. Expect the unexpected, either personally and/or collectively. Move slowly. 

Mars sextile Neptune softens the atmosphere with dreams, inner focus, withdrawal and is the antidote to turmoil when you direct your attention deliberately to spiritual practices and peace. Wu Wei means to flow around obstacles, which is a good idea today, especially as you connect with your Higher Self to stay above the fray.

Finally, the Full SuperMoon in Aquarius is at 6:36pm PDT. Aquarius is the future-oriented sign of independence, innovation, rebellion, invention, revolution, humanitarian causes and the Greater Good. The masses. It seeks liberation from restrictions so it can create from an unbridled space. 

The Full Moon has Saturn sitting on it, creating an oppressive energy of heaviness, responsibility or pressure that indicates old structures, commitments, bonds, or vows that are in place being triggered by something new or rebellious (Uranus and the North Node squaring the Moon) that is trying to release or change it. This is the pull from the past and the future I was referring to earlier and the conflict is stressful.

Another scenario is wanting to recreate your life in some way, but facing obstacles relating to practical issues such as time, $$, lack of training, plans, direction and you feel stuck. This is a time to see where you feel free and where you feel limited and to assess if that’s really true (the limited part) – or if it’s programming you’ve adopted that holds you hostage. Maybe there is work you need to do to prepare for the future you desire or to develop yourself and if so, focus on that.

Personally, Uranus and the N. Node are working to break you out of old patterns that keep you frozen in time and lower expressions of your evolving Self if you aren’t able to move freely. Collectively, Uranus and the N. Node are working to liberate us from old archaic structures that are deadening.

Look at your life and what you need to focus on. What needs to go, what needs work (Saturn), what needs to change (Uranus)? Be open to what shows up in your life, the messages you receive, the opportunities that come your way. Release expectations and be available for incoming energies. 

Reminder, The next Mercury Retrograde is Sept 9, so you should take care of any tech needs, car servicing or large purchases after Mercury enters Virgo and before Aug 21 (when Mercury enters its shadow period, where it will backtrack during the Retro). Click on the link for your free report.…/

This is a monumental opportunity for shapeshifting your life, transcending old patterns and beliefs and renewing your way of operating. Make the most of what’s available for YOU. The tide is beginning to turn.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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