Life with a Uranus Twist – July 14, 2017

Mercury and Jupiter click today, offering opportunities for good news, bright ideas and beneficial communications. It’s a great day for sales calls, requests, connections, creating, brainstorming or proposing a new idea or plan. Use it or lose it!

Ultimately, this is a week of potential awakening and change activated by Mars and Uranus, which can be directed by you IF you’re willing to be proactive. Awakening is having a new awareness, beyond the “story;” a deeper meaning or bigger picture perspective.

The alternative is to try to maintain the status quo, while reacting to changes (that are likely to pop up) with fear, upset or overwhelm, and feeling victimized or inconvenienced. What a setup…

A wise teacher said, “You can BE the lightning or be HIT by lightning.”

The meaning? Be proactive. The Higher expression of the Mars/Uranus energy this week (The Warrior/change) is to find changes YOU can make for your Greater Good – and then have the courage to take actions to make them happen.

The Moon moves from gentle Pisces into go-go Aries tonight and an electric energy emerges. Mars (warrior, ruler of Aries) in sensitive Cancer is squaring Uranus (change, revolution) in Aries. Do you have the courage to make changes re: what’s not working for you? This is the invitation. Otherwise, this energy can create edgy, reactive behavior and aggression.

Mars is in Cancer, sign of security and emotional safety, and you may have to muster all your courage to overcome the pull to withdraw into your “shell” and hide rather than make necessary changes.

Dynamic energy is not gentle, but you can harness it by taking action to support your evolution. If you know something needs to change but you’ve been procrastinating, this can be the push you need to make a move.

If you experience external changes, the shakeup is clearing a stale structure in your life that needs to go. If you don’t take action, the Universe will do it for you. It’s not personal – just Universal Law from a metaphysical viewpoint.

Mars squaring Uranus all weekend (with the crescendo on Monday), can manifest as accidents, so be mindful. Not fearful, mindful. Mars is anger and aggression and when it’s repressed or suppressed, you can experience it in your environment (angry people, etc). The accident setup is: Mars/anger square Uranus/the unexpected. But it doesn’t have to happen, so don’t fixate on it and call it in. Just be aware.

[Note: Uranus is sitting on my natal Mars right now and I’m not afraid something bad is going to happen to me. I’m using it to make changes.]

Uranus activates change. When you’re not willing to change, things can happen TO you. For instance, someone is miserable in their job but is afraid to quit (security) – and then they get laid off. The Universe is doing for them what they don’t have the courage to do for themselves, so it’s benevolent from a spiritual perspective.In 3D it can feel scary, but it moves your life forward, one way or another.

Uranus squares the Sun on Thursday, so expect more restless or rebellious energy and wanting to break out of anything that feels oppressive to your spirit during the week. Freedom, independence, and space are all expressions of Uranus, which leads to reconfiguring your life so you can live from your Authentic Self.

Be the Director of your life. Honor your deep desires and have the courage to follow your heart. You can’t go wrong that way!

Namaste and easy does it, my friends…

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