Liberation and the Mars Station – April ’16

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Watch for unexpected changes today and throughout the weekend, as Uranus conjoins the Sun, activating game-changing curveballs into the mix. This is a setup for reaction, so before you act, take a step back and center yourself. If you take action when you’re in reaction, you’re operating from an identity and your Lower Self.

Uranus seeks Authenticity and Liberation. It is the fast track to a new paradigm – and Uranus only takes what is no longer serving you, so if something arrives or leaves – you’re meant to realign (like your GPS if you miss a turn) and keep going…

A helpful mantra is: The Universe is conspiring for my Highest Good.

We had the New Moon in Aries yesterday, and Mars (action, will, Ruler of Aries), is stationing all week to go Retrograde from April 17 – July 29. Actually, Mars will be at the same degree for the rest of this month, so there won’t be that much movement…

Mars is your mojo, your “get up and go” – and it will be interesting to see how you function this month. You may find that it takes more effort to make things happen, which can actually force you to focus in a more deliberate, productive way.

You will have many opportunities to practice patience and hold your intention while you continue to take actions aligned with your goals :))

Courage (another expression of Aries/Mars) and faith will be required in order for you to stay positive and proactive, using your intuition as your guide during this unusual energetic period where it’s possible to feel stalled or stuck.

Please refrain from judgment and stay as objective as you can about your life and process, while doing the next right thing, especially when you’re in the mystery of unexpected elements. The opportunity is to open to new ways of operating, a new path or direction, a new teacher or teaching, etc.

Allow change to become your friend rather than fearing loss or a blockage of what you think you need. Be open to being led somewhere or some way fresh and unknown. Create it as an adventure instead of a drama.

You have great power to decide how you will hold everything you experience. Maybe life is a science experiment, and we’re all just trying out different formulas to make it work :))

Lighten up. Don’t let anything drag you down. What a victory it will be to live that way! Be serious when necessary, but don’t make feeling heavy, worried or negative your way of Being.

If that’s the case, seek happiness. Discover what that means for you and take responsibility for creating it, even in little baby steps if that’s all you can do.

Okay – that’s my pep talk for entering into this Mars Retrograde period that we’ll all be experiencing. Invite adventure, growth and spring-like awakening into your life, regardless of what is happening, and watch who you become.

Wishing you all the best and more than you can even imagine!

Income Taxes due April 15th – and astrologers know that the best time to file your Income Tax Returns is when the Moon is Void of Course, because nothing will come of the matter (no audits). FYI :))

**** We still have major Moon Void of Course periods this week***, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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