Let’s go! Current Astro Events – March 27, ’15

cosmic worldWe are currently between the Solar Eclipse in Pisces (March 20) and the coming Lunar Eclipse in Libra (April 4).  This in between time is a wormhole, or a tunnel between two realities where things can change dramatically and very quickly.

Eclipses bring major new beginnings and endings, which can either happen the week of the event or a story begins at this set of Eclipses and goes until the next set in Sept. 

Whether you think of this as an opportunity or a threat depends on your ideas and viewpoints about change – and your feelings will align with your beliefs. 

If you find change scary, you may feel extra anxiety by receiving this message. If you desire adventure, this can bring up all kinds of exciting possibilities in your mind. The cool thing is, y ou decide. 

Are you looking for opportunities to grow, change or evolve or are you in protection mode, trying to prevent loss? Your attitude will largely affect your experience, even in trying times. 

Which brings me to another point. Now, more than ever, you need to be connected to your tribe. Saturn is in Sagittarius (higher truth, social causes, expansion). 

Knowing what makes life meaningful for you and aligning with like-minded people will provide support when needed and offer you connection as changes occur.

The seven Uranus-Pluto squares over the last few years have required you to let go of old structures, relationships and life patterns to create space for the new. 

We are still in the fallout of the final Uranus-Pluto square from March 16. This is an opportunity to lighten your load so you can move forward more easily, whatever that means for you. Dragging old baggage from the past is a sabotage piece, so check in with some of those old attachments, physical, mental and emotional. 

Saturn in Sagittarius asks you, “What is your truth?” Get real, align with your integrity. Saturn will be aligning with the Sun this week, giving you the opportunity to stabilize the recent changes you’ve made and/or new structures you’re creating.

What a time of opportunity!

The energy of Aries makes you hot to trot and ready to start something new! Aries is all about new beginnings, so make good use of this energy. 

Mercury (mind/communication) goes into Aries on Monday, so expect yourself and others to be ready so speak up! Mercury in Aries has ideas, opinions and is ready for action.

With the serious energy of Saturn, know that you must take responsibility for whatever you are creating in order to experience a positive result, and if you do, it will be worth it.

If things are working, great! If something isn’t working, it’s your job to find out what needs correction and then take action to make a change. Your responsibility will be rewarded, I assure you!

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