Let the Sun shine ~ Aug 2, 2019

We are finally out of the six-week Eclipse wormhole, which has delivered you to a new reality. What is it? Mercury is now Direct, so things you’ve been waiting for should begin to arrive or appear in the coming days. Because Mercury won’t be moving much until next week (around Aug 6), please be patient if you’re planning to make a major purchase (tech/car).

In general, the coming week is a time of creative flow and optimism, due to the Sun, Venus and Mars in Leo, which are in harmony with lively Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is fire energy – all about action, leadership, play and big picture vision, with you operating as the King or Queen of your Universe!

The Sun and Venus in Leo crave recognition, appreciation, visibility and to call the shots in some domain, whether personal, domestic, in your community or in a greater public role. Leo rules performing, which is perfect if you’re an actor or professional presenter, but out of alignment if you operate this way in daily life (via social media or by trying to impress others).

Pride is a Leo trait, which can be healthy (Self-esteem) or toxic (attention seeking, narcissistic). Focus on embodying the higher expression Leo and know that graciously receiving is a healthy expression of this energy. Feeling slighted (a bruised ego), can indicate that some kind of healing is called for – maybe you’re in hiding, while secretly desiring more appreciation? Just a possibility…

Consider your current life and where you’re going. The next few weeks are ripe for taking actions to manifest your desires, from simple to major elements of your life. Does your current setup align with who you are and where you’re going? This is prime time to activate your trajectory for the coming months.

We are approaching a particularly sweet period from Aug 6-8, due to a Sun-Venus conjunction in harmony with Jupiter, potentially fulfilling your heart’s desires (or your ego’s desires, depending on your focus). Jupiter blows things up, so whatever you create, it will be BIG! Choose wisely, and I suggest focusing on what your heart is calling for.

This week is leading into a major shift on Aug 11, as Jupiter (big picture) turns Direct, Uranus (change) turns Retrograde, and Mercury (communication) moves into Leo. Jupiter is highlighted all week, broadcasting opportunities for expansion and abundance if you are awake and open to exploring possibilities that are available for you.

Anything that’s out of alignment with your growth and Higher Self can either change, end or be taken away suddenly with Uranus in the mix. Know that if anything goes, it IS for your Highest Good! I suggest letting go or making the changes yourself if you know there’s something on the menu that doesn’t belong anymore…

Guidance for the week: pay attention, take creative actions, play and enjoy the blessings!

The world is rapidly changing, so be sure to incorporate growth and change into your life in ways that align with you. Help others whenever and wherever you can, from a place of well being, with compassion and thank you for your presence.

“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”  ~ e.e. Cummings

It’s Leo time – and You are the Light of the world!

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