Leap Into March – February 28, 2020

We open the week today with two aspects. First, Mercury sextile Uranus, activating innovative ideas and/or communications that create a new path or opening. Uranus (genius) is the higher octave of Mercury (mind) and together, they can generate original, exciting or revolutionary solutions or creations altogether. This is brilliance and futuristic energy – how progress is made! Brainstorm or make calls to activate connections and creative genius!

We also have Venus square Pluto today, which can activate Venus issues re: $$, love, style, creativity or values – and they are met by Pluto (power, what’s hidden). This aspect can bring up anything unhealed or unhandled around the issues mentioned, which can be painful, as they involve feeling powerless or not fully in your power.

The opportunity for healing Venus square Pluto is the willingness to go deeper and find your unhealed issue/wound – and then be willing to find other ways of looking at it or ways to heal it. Being innovative and open-minded (Mercury-Uranus) can lead to transformation for you (death of False Self and the birth of your Authentic Self).

Venus-Pluto is passionate, magnetic and transformational, if you are willing to get real and let it work FOR you. Think: deep, transformation. It may be about a relationship or your own personal journey. Avoid power struggles, as nobody wins and they are counter-productive. If there are conflicts, find creative negotiations to solve your problems.

Saturday is Leap Day – the additional 29th day of February that we have every four years to align the revolution of the Earth around the Sun. The Moon is in harmony with dreamy Neptune and optimistic Jupiter – soft, peaceful and upbeat, so enjoy your “extra” benefic energy! Love, leisure, creativity and/or spiritual pursuits will all serve you well today.

On March 3, Venus squares Saturn, which can bring up issues around $$, Self-esteem, values, style, creativity or relationships. Saturn often involves making decisions – a “make it or break it” time.

If you’ve been coasting, you may finally be pushed to commit – or quit. Or you may be faced with rejection of some kind, which brings up questions – try harder or let go? You have to check the circumstances and your intuition. Have you been in denial, is this a Stop sign – or do you need to work harder?

And finally, this can bring up internal feelings of low Self-worth or loneliness. If you experience not feeling valued, either get an another perspective, find support, or help someone else who is in need to shift your attention away from your thoughts/fears about yourself. Hard aspects to Saturn are always about doing the work and not avoiding the message, so use it for your benefit.

Three astro events occur on March 4. Mercury Retrogrades from nonlinear Pisces into clear, visionary Aquarius, where it has access to stimulating ideas and visions. Mercury harmonizes with Venus, which makes for satisfying communications, connections and harmonious messages. What a gift!

Whether for love, productivity, work, sales, networking, creativity or healing, this is the ultimate heart-mind combo! This is a tremendous day that winds up with Venus moving into her own sign of Taurus. Venus in Taurus loves comfort and is warm, steady and receptive. Yes, yes, yes!

What a blessing, to have Mercury in Aquarius, Mercury sextile Venus, and Venus in Taurus, like a stimulating, harmonious, comforting sandwich!

Enjoy your week and be sure to get your free Mercury Retrograde Report here, which goes until March 9 – the perfect time for course corrections!

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo




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